Dee (makes Python relational)

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An implementation of a truly relational database language with Python. Inspired by Date and Darwen's 'Third Manifesto'.



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DEE Excellent Editor

DEE Excellent Editor is a simple source code editor whit syntax highlighting for many languages with a file browser panel to quickly select files. DEE can open files from the local system or directly from an ftp server.

Py-de - compiling code for dummies

py-de (pronounced Pie dee ee) is an extremely simple IDE written in python. The goal is ease of use - you can compile and link source code in a directory written in a variety of languages (C, C++, fortran, python, perl, ruby). The interface is similar to gedit, nedit, except that it has an execute function built right in so that users can compile code without even looking at the command line. It would be a terrible IDE to use for real projects, but its perfect for beginning programmers.

Deity (role-playing game support engine)

Deity (pronounced quot;DEE-ityquot;) is a GameMaster (i.e. role-playing) utility. It has a large generic component plus modules to refine it for different game systems (e.g. HarnMaster, HERO, ADamp;D) and to simulate weather, combat, character generation, etc. Important: Just released v0.9 breaks database compatibility with v0.8. I don't think this actually affects anyone (since as far as I know, nobody is actively using this but me) but wanted to make that clear. Anyway, you'll need to dr

Mod-auth-token - Token based URI access

What is mod_auth_token ?mod_auth_token is a famous apache module that allow you to generate URIS for a determined time window, you can also limit them by IP. This is very useful to handle file downloads, generated URIS can't be hot-linked (after it expires), also it allows you to protect very large files that can't be piped trough a script languages due to memory limitation. Who is using mod_auth_tokenVarious commercial and video sharing sites are running mod_auth_token module, if you want to be

TwoDeeWars - A 2D space shooter

A 2D space shooter

dee-app - DHS Cloud Mobile App

DHS Cloud Mobile App

Jay-Dee - Draw on Video using Python and Pyqt

Draw on Video using Python and Pyqt


A simple web proxy that blocks 4oD's video ads

DeeFuzzer - an easy and instant media streaming tool

an easy and instant media streaming tool