DEE Excellent Editor

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DEE Excellent Editor is a simple source code editor whit syntax highlighting for many languages with a file browser panel to quickly select files. DEE can open files from the local system or directly from an ftp server.



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Dee-kalendar - Bla bal

Anything anywhere

Py-de - compiling code for dummies

py-de (pronounced Pie dee ee) is an extremely simple IDE written in python. The goal is ease of use - you can compile and link source code in a directory written in a variety of languages (C, C++, fortran, python, perl, ruby). The interface is similar to gedit, nedit, except that it has an execute function built right in so that users can compile code without even looking at the command line. It would be a terrible IDE to use for real projects, but its perfect for beginning programmers.



GippleDee Link Directory

GippleDee is the continuation of the PHP Link Directory v2.1.2 GPL codebase (now developed as proprietary license for the 3.x family). GippleDee Link Directory Software is a DMOZ-style web-based link directory application written in PHP.

Moonglide - graphics engine

MOVEDThe engine now is hosted at bitbucket: Free opensource crossplatform multirender graphics engine, written in DigitalMars D 1.0 + Tango + Derelict + miniD. The aim is to use it for a spacesim game. Info: We are using DMD 1.041 + Tango 0.99.8 from tango downloads, Code::Blocks IDE to develop and dioxide for fast source builds ( ) The license is changed to Artistic License 2.0 We are working on: resource refactoring, scene r

Dee0xd - Crossplatform tiny build tool for DigitalMars D programming language

DEPRECATEDThis project is deprecated in favor of mighty team0xf's xfBuild: --- Dee0xD ("dioxide") is a crossplatform console build tool for fast building of DigitalMars D libs & executables. Launch from console wiht "help" to get description. latest stable revision: 42 --- Диок�ид - кро��-платформенна� утилита коммандной �троки дл� молниено�ной �борки библиотек и прог

Dee (makes Python relational)

An implementation of a truly relational database language with Python. Inspired by Date and Darwen's 'Third Manifesto'.

Gimd - Git Message Database

gimd (pronounced gim-dee) provides a small distributed database layered on top of the powerful Git version control system. FeaturesMultiple version concurrency Point-in-time recovery Concurrent transactions Automatic replication Some automatic merge resolution Distributed peers Disconnected operation ACID Compliancegimd roughly provides the basic ACID properties: Atomicity : All changes within a transaction occur within a single Git commit. As Git is able to perform an atomic update to a branch,