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Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to common software tasks, using First Order Logic; N3, OWL ontologies and rules. Enables component-based application building, platform independence, user-friendliness. Leverage on Euler inference engine + GUI.



Related Projects


Logic Programming and Deductive Database system (Tabled Prolog) for Unix and Windows.

A Database System for Metamodeling and Method Engineering

Datalog Educational System

The Datalog Educational System (DES) is a deductive database with Datalog, Relational Algebra and SQL as query languages developed mainly for education. It can be used from most common Prolog interpreters over any supported OS and from portable executables (Windows, Linux and MacOS).

Wejes - Web expert system

This is a general expert system engine. It has abduction, induction, deduction and probabilistic algorithms. You can change the Knowledge Database and run it, no matter what the subject is.

Genifer - Genifer -- general inference engine

Genifer is a general inference engine based on logic and inductive learning, with an emphasis on self-programming. Its aim is to be universally applicable both as an embedded software component and as a high-level operating system and environment. News / Blog Live Chat - #Genifer on IRC.Freenode.Net Discussion Group Introductory Slides Online Book describing the AI theory behind Genifer The current Prototype (v1) consists of: 1) a simple NL (English) interface 2) deduction, including deductive p

Scala-semantic-web - Scala extensions for the Semantic Web

A set of Scala classes providing simple usage of semantic web standards RDF(S) with syntactic sugaring. See RDFModel Read/Write RDF from Turtle, XML, N-Triples See TripleSetsViewsIO SPARQL query parsing Simple RDFS deduction (coming soon) OWL with syntactic sugaring. See OWLBasics SKOS support (coming soon) ScalaDoc


This project consists in the development of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a proof assistant for Propositional Classical Logic based on Natural Deduction method.

bddbddb: BDD-Based Deductive Database

BDD-Based Deductive Database, an implementation of Datalog that uses Binary Decision Diagrams as the underlying data structure. This allows it to represent exponentially-sized relations efficiently.

Proof-compression - This project implements proof theoretical techniques to compress formal proofs.

ResK is a collection of data structures and algorithms for the compression of resolution proofs. Resolution proofs are used by various sat-solvers, smt-solvers and first-order theorem provers, as certificates of correctness for the answers they provide. These automated deduction tools have a wide range of application areas, from mathematics to software and hardware verification. By providing smaller resolution proofs that are easier and faster to check, ResK aims at improving the reliability of

Consumer - Premium Comparison Web Application

WelcomeThis project is a web application to allow consumers to compare Homeowners Insurance Premiums Automobile Insurance Premiums Consumers select the best risk characteristics for each coverage based on their own situation. The criteria is presented to the consumers in the form of radio controls from the excellent EXTJS javascript/ajax framework. HomeownersThe Homeowners Comparison Guide includes comparison of premiums for the following policies: Homeowners Policy Renters Policy Condominium Po