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Deduce is an artificial intelligence program which accepts natural language sentences as input, then allows the user to ask questions against that input. Deduce attempts to answer questions using logical deduction techniques.



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Systems Biology and Evolution Toolbox (SBEToolbox).

Deleteonestar - DeleteOneStar deletes songs from iTunes

As you can probably deduce from the project name, DeleteOneStar deletes songs from your iTunes library that have only one star.iTunes itself offers no way to delete the mp3 files from disk when it's not managing your music library; this tool fills in for that deficiency.

Funzy - Having fun with Fuzzy Logic!

Funzy is an implementation of a Fuzzy Logic reasoning engine in Java. Fuzzy logic is derived from fuzzy set theory dealing with reasoning that is approximate rather than precisely deduced from classical predicate logic. It can be thought of as the application side of fuzzy set theory dealing with well thought out real world expert values for a complex problem. Fuzzy logic allows for set membership values to range (inclusively) between 0 and 1, and in its linguistic form, imprecise concepts like

S-ma-u-g - State Machine Generator

Finite State Machine IdentificationIdentification has been defined as an inference process, which deduces an internal representation of the system from samples of it's functioning. There are many possibilities to a represent system, one of them is to use a finite state machine (FSM). There are many applications for identification in different fields such as logical design, verification or test, sequential learning. For example finite automata (FA) are useful models for many important kind of har

Reallysimpleframework - RSF is a small (<1000 lines of code) framework for building small website

RSF is a small framework for building small websites. The kind of website you'd be tempted to write from scratch, because it's just not worth the setup of something big. The kind of website which you want to build, but not maintain. So the main characteristics are: Easy to pass on to someone else Very common technology PHP 4 or 5 MySQL 4 or 5 Apache + mod_rewrite Learning curve of 1 hour or less Excellent documentation Less than 1000 lines of code (*) Easy troubleshooting Logging Diagnostics pag

Buddyfusion - Design of an unconventional user interface visualizing contact information and relatio

Problem StatementAs theory and practice shows social networks ought to get a more and more important impact for the life of modern people. An unmeasurable amount of social networks exists within the World Wide Web, each one with its own social purpose, its advantages or disadvantages and it’s very special focus concerning aim and target group. Deduced from all these networks people get not only confused by the variety but also overstrained by maintaining all their personal profiles. Besides it


The application is used to draw some geometric shapes and then algebraically deduce some information about these shapes prior to the information given by the user.

Srpforjava - A Java implementation of the Secure Remote Password Protocol

An implementation of SRP - Secure Remote Password Protocol. See and SRP attempts to eliminate many of the security problems involved in a client/server user authentication. I don't understand the math, but the ideas are fairly simple. On the server, store a mathematically generated number that is based on a user chosen password and a randomly generated "salt". Both the client and server maintain a predetermined prime number "N" and a "pr

Searchmeta - Google Meta-Language

Command-line-like language that uses verbs appearing in Google page search results to deduce the intended end action of the search. It could be a "I'm feeling incredibly lucky" sort of feature where if the user searches "download program x," then they would begin receiving the file, the Google results having deduced that the user likely didn't even want to be bothered reading the page.

Pitc - Passwords in the Cloud.

A simple approach to storing usernames and passwords in an internet service. Main properties: A site that participates need no longer locally manage users' passwords. User can choose to store encrypted username and passwords. User can store username and password one-way hashes that can be checked against without knowledge of either username or password. The password service cannot deduce the usernames, passwords, or where they are being used. Read more on the basic idea.