decompyle - Python Decompiler

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Decompyle is a python disassembler and decompiler which converts Python byte-code (.pyc or .pyo) back into equivalent Python source. Verification of the produced code (re-compiled) is avaliable as well.



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Unpyc - decompiles python bytecode into source files

This is a fork of decompyle-2.3.2 The current goal is to make it work with bytecode produced by Python 2.5

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Приглашаю python программи�тов, дл� напи�ани� декомпил�тора Е�ть подборка и�ходников в�его, что е�ть в �ети Е�ть �вои наработки, мы�ли и пути решени� �ужны интузиа�ты =)

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