Demos Commander

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A clone of Norton Commander for Unix. Text-based, full featured file manager intuitive interface.



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Freedeco - FreeDeco: educational decompression software using Gradient Factors and VPM

FreeDeco is a tool that abstracts the model from the business of using deco software. The widest range of options, settings, and profiles will be possible, in order to help educate divers on the possibilities and meaning of decompression diving.FreeDeco is intended strictly as a learning tool.For the record: Gradient Factors and VPM were both released to the public freely by Erik Baker. His wish (as stated on The Deco Stop) was for improvements to be free also.FreeDeco will use both GF and VPM i

Code-deco - decompiler with effort an opportunity building def/use links

decompiler with effort an opportunity building def/use links. written in ruby

Protobuf-pyb - A minimal, dynamic, pure Python implementation of Protocol Buffers

pyb is a minimal, dynamic, pure Python implementation of Protocol Buffers. What does this mean? minimal: Aiming for 1000-1500 total lines of code. Less code is faster code, especially in Python. dynamic: no code generation, no build step pure Python: usable without compiling any dependencies; usable in restricted environments like App Engine See for some comments. Compare pyb's with the official protobuf They are quite similar. TODO: Switch to lazy deco


wordaxe (formerly deco-cow): A hyphenation library for Python. Several hyphenation algorithms: - the pattern-based from TeX/OOO, - by decomposition of compound words for German language. Includes support for paragraph line-breaking with ReportLab.

Dcedoc - Doc Deco

Documentos Vanderlei Schmitz

Mashup-eurotrip-com-ar-quick-feed - Quick feed deco

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.