Decision Deck

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The Decision Deck project aims at developing a generic decision aid platform composed of modular quot;software componentsquot;. These software components implement the common functionalities of a large range of multiple criteria decision aid methods. This



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Arena-card-game - Fantasy card strategy game against computer opponent

MagarenaMagarena is a fantasy card game written in Java and Swing. The name is a contraction of mage and arena. You play a duel against the computer with 40 card generated decks. There are 555 cards available to build the decks. It is possible to check the deck strength before playing. The computer AI is capable and fast. The game fully enforces the rules. It is possible to undo moves. A comprehensive card browser is available. This game should run well on most computers. The minimum screen reso

jsmaa-dd - Decision Deck adapter for JSMAA

Decision Deck adapter for JSMAA

DecisionDeck-WebSite - NOTE: Project has moved to gitorious!

NOTE: Project has moved to gitorious!