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The Delphi Container and Algorithm Library (DeCAL) is a powerful library of reusable container classes, generic algorithms, and an easy to use persistence mechanism. It is similar to and based on Stepanov's STL.



Related Projects


Inkcut is a program used to send HPGL directly to cutter or plotter from Inkscape. Inkcut is used for sign making, namely cutting vinyl graphics, letters, and decals. It should support any device that uses HPGL.


Decal - a plugin framework for Asheron\'s Call

Zyrca's Plugins

Zyrca's Decal Plugins for Asheron's Call

Link - Decal Plugin for ACGM

The one and only Decal ACGM Plugin you will ever need!

Sepher's decal plugins

Sepher's decal plugin website. All plugins written or maintained by Sepher may be found here.


Asheron\'s Call Spawn Collection and Pathfinding Decal Plugin


SkunkWorks: A Decal-based macro platform for Asheron's Call, featuring full ACScript compatibility and much more.


dIRCal is an IRC Client plugin for Decal which uses the existing Asheron's Call chat interface.

Quake2evolution - Quake II Evolution is a moded engine of id tech 2 (quake 2 engine)

Qauke 2 Evolution is a engine that aims to give the eye candy effects that most of the moddern games uses, such as a good particle system, decals, high-resolution textures and so on but still maintain good backend system such as memory, file system etc. The engine will not break any backend compatiblities so you can still play online with who ever you want or whatever mod you want. In the feature, i hope to support anticheat.dll and R1ch´s net protocol "35". If you want to make new hi-res conte

Insane-Bot Client

The Insane-Bot Client is a Decal plugin that simplifies the task of requesting item banes from an Insane-Bot buff bot in Asheron's Call