Remote Debugging Information Server

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Debugging server allowing remote debug logging and access to the information via a web based interface.



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Padre is a Perl IDE, an Integrated Development environment, or in other words a text editor that is simple to use for new Perl programmers but also supports large multi-lingual and multi-technology projects.

Windmill - Web Testing Tool

Windmill is a web testing tool designed to automate and debug your web application. It provides cross-browser test recorder. It has built-in shell to interact with WIndmill server. Write and run tests from Python, Ruby and Javascript.


J2EE framework with 0-configuration.debug/unit test without J2EE server,using Velocity/Freemarker as view,directly JDBC with Apache DBUtils,reusable SQL pagination, SQL transaction based on TRANSACTION_PER_REQUEST,And URL based user access control(UAC).

Mf-phpdebug - Remote PHP debugging with sockets

Socket program to receive PHP debug messages. With this small script and program, you can spam your debug data to the program listening on a socket on a different machine. I use it for receiving messages from server side PHP scripts that have been called from Flash. It's also great for debugging scripts that are outputting image data, as there again you can't really write any debug data to the browser. Grab the executable for the platform you want to receive the debug messages on, and the PHP ar

Firepy - FirePHP for Python

This is a python server library for FirePHP supporting python built-in logging facility and Django.

rack-speedtracer - SpeedTracer middleware for server side debugging

SpeedTracer middleware for server side debugging

Python-debug-logging-suite - Package for debug logging in python

Why?Why is it better to put debug messages in a file instead of just printing them? There are several reasons, including the fact that the normal output is not cluttered, and the messages are saved in a file, so you can look at them immediately and come back and look at them again later if you forget something. It also helps you to share debug files with other dev team members or beta testers. If cluttering the output is the only concern, then you can use the debuglive submodule to print debug o

Logview-web - Simple webapplication to view logfiles online

Simple webapplication to view logfiles online. This web application is a development tool, as well as a tracing and debugging tool. Only configured files can be seen initially. Security can be tightened using features in application server.

Firefly-daide - Java Diplomacy AI Framework

This project is a complete framework for creating a DAIDE (Diplomacy Artificial Intelligence Environment) compatible bot, server or mapper. It includes complete documentation, tutorials and numerous debugging tools. For more information about DAIDE, please visit


NetWebScript is an IL to JavaScript compiler. It allows to write complex web application in C# or any other .Net language. It provides Visual Studio integration to debug into orginial sources. It allows to share code with server.