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debian-i586 is a project to create/produce a tuned/optimized Debian GNU/Linux distribution for i586 (Pentium class) processors or higher, just like Linux-Mandrake does.



Related Projects

Openpgm - An implementation of the PGM reliable multicast protocol.

Development Status: General availability (Linux/Solaris/FreeBSD/Windows) Intended Audience: Software architects & developers. Platforms: Linux: AMD64, i586, s390 Solaris: AMD64, i586, SPARC64 FreeBSD: AMD64 & i586, Windows: AMD64 & i586 OSX: AMD64 C Compilers: GCC Clang EKOPath Intel C Compiler nee Composer XE MinGW32 on Cygwin, Linux, MSYS MinGW-w64 on Cygwin, Linux Sun ONE Studio nee Oracle Solaris Studio Visual Studio 2008, 2010 Protocol: PGM/IP (IPv4, IPv6) PGM/UDP (IPv4, IPv6) Addressing: I

Pxe-deployment-scripts - Image Deployment Scripts for PXELINUX

Image Deployment Scripts for PXELINUXDieses Projekt stellt Deploymentscripte für einen TFTP/PXE Server auf der Basis von PXELINUX und folgenden Paketen bereit: tftpd-hpa nfs-kernel-server dhcp3-server syslinux live-helper ... Diese Scripts sollen es erleichtern innerhalb weniger Minuten einen PXE Bootserver mit den Standard-Features bereitzustellen, ohne sich selbst sämtliche Standardimages zusammen zusammeln (Memcheck, DBAN...). Integrierte Images bisherArchlinux Netinstall (i686 und x86_64)

Qwit - Qt4 cross-platform client for Twitter

Thanks to Ehtyar, now we have win32 builds of the latest version: The latest version of Qwit is 1.1-pre. If everything will be ok, it will become 1.1. This version has some minor bugfixes as well as experimental OAuth support for Twitter. Also, because of OAuth, this version depends on QOAuth (, which in turn depends on QCA. Binary archives contain everything nee