DebEX Barebone 64bit

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The system is a based on Debian Jessie (upcoming Debian 8?) with certain elements of Debian Sid (unstable). PROGRAM content etc As the name suggests, DebEX Barebone has only a minimum of software installed in advance. Among them AbiWord, LXTerminal, PCManFM, Leafpad, AlsaPlayer, Wicd, Iceweasel (Firefox), Icedove (Thunderbird), GParted and Synaptic. quot;BAREBONEquot; I have deliberately kept down the number of installed applications to give you the pleasure of self-installing the ones YOU really need. DESKTOP LXDE is used as Desktop environment. quot;The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) is an extremely fast-performing and energy-saving desktop environmentquot;. KERNEL DebEX Barebone Jessie uses kernel 3.9-1-amb64 ('s 3.9.6, stable). WIRELESS CONNECTIONS In version 130702 I have added Wicd to make it easier to configure wireless connections. UNIQUE There is no other live version of Debian Jessie. The system language is English



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