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deb-install is a (big) shellskript, that works on top of of the debian package management tools. The goal is to create one command that informs about or installs any package, without the user having to know all the different tools.



Related Projects


The Arc-live(X86-i386)is a distribution live dvd and pendrive with automatic hardware detection and is now included the kernel-2.6.32-5-486/2.6.32-5-686(v-arc-deb-0.6.4-2-lv-up squeeze-stable with live-installer) with testing/unstable versions.


Your linux deployment tool!

Cern Root debs for Ubuntu/64 and 32bits

FOR DETAILED INFORMATION GO TO Packages of Cern Root software for Ubuntu/64/32bits. This package is going to be installed on /usr/local. Enabled: minuit2 roofit unuran tmva from 5.34.01 Enabled support for asimage, astiff, builtin_afterimage, builtin_lzma, cintex, explicitlink, fftw3, fitsio, gviz, genvector, krb5, ldap, mathmore, memstat, minuit2, mysql, opengl, python, reflex, roofit, shadowpw, shared, ssl, tmva, unuran, x11, xft, xml.


RetroShare binaries compiled for Raspberry Pi

RDI: Runtime Dependencies Installer

RDI is a library that gives your application the ability to install its dependencies at runtime. Perfect for plugins oriented architectures. Many kind of deps: RPMs, DEBs, .so, .dll, RubyGems... Easily extensible to new kinds.

DebEX Barebone 64bit

DebEX Barebone 64bit Linux Live DVD is based on Debian Jessie

Bdist-maemo - bdist_maemo distutils for creating .deb files for Nokia Maemo

Allows a a to be used to create Debian .deb that can be installed onto a Nokia Maemo Internet Tablet (e.g. N800, N810) with OS2008. Originally created by Does not rely on a debian tool chain so allows creating of installable .deb files in platforms like Windows for deployment on Nokia tablets.

Erlang-transmission - Erlang client library for BT Transmission

The project consists of a client library for managing BT Transmission. InstallationDebian RepositoryThe repository is available as: deb stable main

Litm - Lightweight Inter-Thread Messaging

A lightweight Inter-Thread Messaging library for POSIX systems. - Read an Introduction - Doxygen Documentation InstallationA debian repository is available: deb stable mainor go directly to the download tree.