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To create, modify, amp; package a set of webtools to network thousands of pre-existing communities who have both a web-presence and a common goal. The targeted audience is the web-roots community, which has brought the net to the political strategy world.



Related Projects

Cobweb2008 - Java application for visualizing cobweb plots

This application can be used to visualize a cobweb plot of a function. It was developed at Ball State University and Emporia State University by Richard Stankewitz, Joe Yanik, and Ben Dean.

Megapython - Python on AVR Microcontrollers

Port by David Greenberg of Dean Hall's code. PyMite virtual machine running on AVRMicrocontrollers. with additions to enable class handling, classes for I/O with AVRMicrocontrollers, various improvements to virtual machine, including improved garbage collecton.

Jpacker - JavaScript compressor/obfuscator based on Dean Edwards' /packer/

jPacker is a command-line application ported to Java from Dean Edwards' /packer/ original version and based on Jesse Hansen's C# version. jPacker accepts a JavaScript input file and outputs its contents minified and/or obfuscated. Usage: java -jar jpacker-x.y.z.jar [options] [input_file]

Frc2876 - FIRST Team 2876 projects

FIRST is a non profit organization founded by Dean Kamen to promote science, math, engineering, communication, self-confidence, and leadership. FIRST holds robot competitions for high school students call FIRST Robotics Competitions (FRC). This project is one implementation of a robot for the FRC competition by Team 2876 from Burlington, MA.

Tgcombine - A TurboGears Javascript/CSS Packer

TGCombine is a Turbogears widget, which handles minimizing and combining Javascript and CSS Files. Features: Browser cache Handling. Files are checked for last modified date and cache files are regenerated in development mode. Javascript files can be packed with Dean Edwards Packer. Allows you to maintain one nicely formated commented copy of you files and serve a packed comment free version. Enjoy

Pie - Patch Internet Explorer

This project provides the methodology, the tools and the runtime library which can patch Microsoft Internet Explorer to support many important features of the latest web standards. It will make the web developer easier to migrate to the (not very) new web standard world. This project is inspired by the great IE7 (fixIE) from Dean Edwards, but with a little different approach. Unlike Dean's IE7, It will not implement a CSS parser in JavaScript and dynamicly evaluate the stylesheets, on the contra

Alan-dean - A personal code sandpit.

A personal code sandpit.

Jscsscomp - JavaScript and CSS files compressor

jscsscomp is a PHP script what compress JavaScript and CSS files when they are requested from the server. uses Nicolas Martin PHP version of the Dean Edwards JavaScript Compressor uses JSmin lib to squeeze a bit JS files also uses ideas and code from Patrick Hunlock ATTENTION!!! this script is not finished and not well tested. so, using it in production environment may be unsafe. just check it out, your feedback (in any type!) will help me make it better and ready for using in real applications

Resplacecode - resplace codebase is a new website created to house open source projects started and maintained by a group of developers, the website was setup by two friends Porifrio and Dean, who want to offer great quality and freely available applications for everyone to use and abuse. Current projects in the repository are as follows: OpenWebMS - Modular based website management system, created to allow easy creation and manipulation of a website, fast, secure and for advanced developers. Other projects will be

Blaisemath - mathematics library with visualizations

Blaise is a collection of Java libraries for visualizing and exploring mathematics. See for several sample mathlets created using the package. To download the source code and get started working with the code, see GettingStarted. Core Librariessource code under trunk/ BlaiseGraphics: graphics utility library for creating custom interactive graphics on a JComponent (JDK 1.5+, no dependencies) BlaiseParser: parsing engine (JDK 1.5+, no dependen

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