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DeaDBeeF is an audio player for GNU/Linux systems with X11 written in C and C++. Features: minimal set of dependencies; native GTK2 and GTK3 GUI; cuesheet support; mp3, ogg, flac, ape and many other formats; chiptune formats with subtunes, song-length databases, etc; small memory footprint; many plugins with extra features.



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node-mongolian - Mongolian DeadBeef is an awesome Mongo DB driver for node.js

Mongolian DeadBeef is an awesome Mongo DB driver for node.js

Darkguy-apps - DARKGuy's scripts, projects and tools

Lots of assorted scripts, plugins, projects, tools and such for different apps and games, such as... Gyazo: Gyazo-like script for Linux using DropBox DeadBeef: DeadBeef 0.0.4 Pidgin status message bash script will set your pidgin status message according to the song being played in DeadBeef! Pidgin for QuodLibet: this plugin will set your Pidgin status message according to the current playing song. Enjoy!

Deadbeef-mpris-plugin - The MPRIS plugin for DeadBeef music player

We have moved to You still can report bugs on issues tab and download sources from Downloads tab. The MPRIS plugin for the DeadBeef music player. MPRISMedia Player Remote Interfacing Specification. AboutThe Media Player Remote Interfacing Specification is a standard D-Bus interface which aims to provide a common programmatic API for controlling media players. It provides a mechanism for compliant media players discovery, basic playback and media

Deadindicator - deadbeef indicator applet integrator

For integration do: sudo rm /usr/share/deadbeef/pixmaps/play_24.png Set in deadbeef "Close minimizes to tray" Run deadindicator =)

Panicjos - Panicking JOS

SummaryThe answer to life, the universe and everything -- for a PKU CS 3rd-grader. A panicking, stupid, awkward, dumb, unstable, unusable implementation of MIT 6.828 See Wiki page for some (maybe useful) tips. What's insideThe structure of the SVN repo: branches/: lab 2 to lab 6, all of which should pass corresponding `make grade' tags/: nothing trunk/: first several revisions are untouched hand-out code; last revision is merged from lab 6 ImplementationThe problem whether the code passes grade.

deadbeef-jack - Deadbeef jack plugin - still unusable

Deadbeef jack plugin - still unusable

DeaDBeeF - Deadbeef for Nokia N900

Deadbeef for Nokia N900

deadbeef - my deadbeef git work repo

my deadbeef git work repo