Dead Zone Scripts

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Dead Zone Scripts will be here to help out the newbies and even the guru's of the linux world. The scripts and programs range from system tools to irc scripts and even scripts for Gaim (popular linux chat tool). System tools range from kernel building to



Related Projects

Cellsucks - Use Google Maps to track dead zones in cell service

cellsucks is an interactive, web-based application which utilizes the Google Maps API to track dead zones in cell service. Users will be able to add/delete/verify dead zones in cell service through the sites interface, and search for dead zones by zip code.

Sixcd - Sixaxis Controller Driver

The PS3(tm)'s Sixaxis(tm) and Dual Shock 3(tm) controllers correctly report themselves as USB HID devices, but due to several quirks with the device themselves and Window's HID parser only the digital buttons are usable. The goal of this driver is to provide full support for the PS3's analog buttons, including configurable digital trigger levels, joystick dead zones, and automatic configuration. Special thanks to Helder Acevedo (aka: redcl0ud) for releasing XBCD under the GPL - his code was VERY

Squirtle - Squirtle the Browser-based NTLM Attack Toolkit

Welcome to SquirtleThe purpose of this little doodad is to help you prove to your employer, your client, your best friend, your dog, or God that NTLM is truly dead. It does this by taking control of any browser that comes into contact with it and making it perform NTLM authentication at will. By using a set of API calls you can embed Squirtle into existing penetration toolkits, proxies or other fun tools at your disposal. The latest version of Squirtle should always be obtained with your SVN cli

Imnotok - An easy to use Android app that will allow a user to send out an emergency broadcast messa

An easy to use Android app that will allow a user to send out an emergency broadcast message across multiple mediums to indicate they are not OK and need help. edit Example More NGO workers have been killed in the last year than UN Blue Helmets around the world. NGO workers face increasing risk of kidnapping and targeted killings. Many of the NGO workers in these locations need the ability to broadcast emergency help messages. Security has now been brought under one umbrella with Interaction ser

Fullnmeaconsole - Graphical Swing User Interface - and data-cache - for an NMEA Stream (and other ut

Full Navigation ConsoleThis is a desktop-like graphical user interface providing the following features: Full NMEA Console World wide Tide predictions Paper Charts library Nautical Almanac publisher Sight reduction calculator Lunar distance clearer Sailfax - a small utility to generate the fax-transmission file used by GetFax (SailMail) A star finder ...and more NMEA ConsoleProvides a rich user interface for NMEA Data. Reads NMEA Data from a serial or UDP port Provides among others: Bulk Data Di

Crestron-flash-flex-air - A reusable Flex Flash Air framework for developing control apps

Project intent is to develop a Flash/Flex based user interface that virtually clones the Iphone standard datagrid UI simplicity. It utilizes sqllite to store all the menus/navigation/commands, so it will be theoretically be easy to skin. It is designed to work with a Crestron system initially, maybe later it will be expanded to be more generic. The UI can scale gracefully from 1920x1080 down to 480x320, so the same user interface can be used on bigscreen as well as small handheld devices like ip

Btmappingapp - Bluetooth Mapping App

Vision:Our project is a distributed Bluetooth client tracking system. The system will track where the user travels as they pass through various Bluetooth access point setup throughout a building or location. The server will record a user's current location and then tell the surrounding access points to wait for the user to travel into their location. If a connection can be made with the user, files, such as promotions and maps, can be sent to the user. Please view our presentation for a visual r

Nifse - Interface between TES4:Oblivion scripting and Niflib using OBSE plug-in API, allows interact

NifSE v1.1- an OBSE plug-in by DragoonWraith NifSE v1.1IntroductionChangelogContactCredits IntroductionNifSE is an OBSE plug-in that allows Oblivion script to operate on Nif files during run-time. Nif files, or Net Immerse Format files, are 3D meshes which are used by Oblivion. These files have long been editable with 3D software and NifTools' excellent NifSkope utility, but certain operations on Nif files have been desirable for scripters and therefore impossible - until now. More specifically,

zoned - Rails plugin for dead-simple timezone support

Rails plugin for dead-simple timezone support


Rate random StreetViews of polygons (food deserts, broadband dead zones) for community consensus-building