DDS Example Use Cases

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This project is a collection of examples and solutions for DDS (Data Distribution Service) on real user-driven situations. All the subprojects are released under the Apache license, allowing developers to take pieces and integrate in other projects.



Related Projects

Crunch - Advanced DXT texture compression and real-time transcoding library

crunch is an open source (ZLIB license) lossy texture compression library and command line compression tool for developers that distribute and use content in the DXT1/5/N or 3DC/BC5 compressed mipmapped GPU texture formats. It consists of a command line tool named "crunch", a compression library named "crnlib", and a single-header file, completely stand alone .CRN->DXTc transcoder C++ class located in inc/crn_decomp.h. crnlib's results are competitive to transform based recompression approaches,

Ddswatch - A collection of interesting OMG DDS examples (swatches).

ddswatch aims at building a complete list of swatches that shows how to take advantage of this very powerful technology.

Docerator - Automatically creates document icons for OS X apps

docerator automatically creates Mac OS X document icons given an application icon and one or several file extensions. It is a tool for application authors that don't have the time or the money to create a docicon, but already have an application icon. It's also useful if you need to create many document icons. docerator takes some care to create great-looking docicons at all sizes: The text on the 32x32 icons generated by docerator is readable, which is not the case if you draw a 512x512 doc ico

Dds-wic-codec - DDS and PVR codecs for Windows Imaging Component

OverviewAllows loading DDS (DirectDraw Surface) and PVR (PowerVR) files in WIC-enabled applications. Saving feature is planned for the future releases. Can be built for x86 and x86_64 platforms. DDSFeatures: Support for DXT1, DXT3 and DXT5 formats via libsquish library. Support for any linear (noncompressed) format. Optimized for SSE-2 Issues: Some fields (for example, pitch) in DDS header are ignored in current version. PVRFeatures: Support for PVRTC-2 and PVRTC-4 formats via PowerVR SDK code.

Java-dds - Java DDS ImageIO Plugin

Java DDS ImageIO Plugin.The library is in early alpha It supports reading of: DXT1 / BC1 DXT2 / BC2 DXT5 / BC3 ATI1 / BC4 ATI2 / BC5 Uncompressed formats HelpTo use in a maven project: <dependencies> <dependency> <groupId>net.nikr</groupId> <artifactId>dds</artifactId> <version>1.0.0-SNAPSHOT</version> </dependency></dependencies>You have to install the library in your local maven repository (building the project will install it) Code Example: File file = new File("");BufferedImage imag

Callonmessage - Asynchronous Generic Message Container

There are several standard technologies for asynchronous messaging that each of them is specialized for specific domains. For example, Java Messaging Service (JMS), WS-Notificiation, XMPP, OMG Data Distribution Service, Web Service Messaging etc. To get benefit of those technologies, you have to know each technology APIs, standards and their usage. There is no common "Generic Message Container" that hides all of those complex technologies from developers. Developers generally wants that creating

Madara - Multi-Agent Distributed Adaptive Resource Allocation

Madara - Multi-Agent Distributed Adaptive Resource AllocationProject DescriptionThe purpose of the project is to develop a real-time, fault tolerant agent-based middleware specifically for resource allocation and distributed knowledge and reasoning. MADARA will be composed of several pieces of middleware, and the first of these is the Knowledge and Reasoning Language Engine (KaRL Engine or KaRLE). On top of the KaRL engine, we have developed a distributed, automated testing infrastructure called

Dso-patcher - Drakensang Online Patcher

Drakensang Online Patcher#ATTENTION! with the new Release 022 (as of 9-9-2011) of the game, the DSO-Patcher is rendered useless for now.OverviewDrakensang Online Patcher may provide a convenient way to modify the offline content of the browsergame Drakensang Online. This can be accomplished for example by copying files to the appropiate folder (DSOClient). Drakensang Online Patcher doesn't provide these files themselves! FeaturesALPHA6: check for INI file at startup, else create INI if ini-file

Pococapsule - An IoC and DSM framework for C/C++ applications

PocoCapsule is an Inversion of Control (IoC) container, a.k.a Dependency Injection (DI) framework (see article IoC vs DI), as well as a Domain Specific Modeling (DSM) engine (see article DSM in IoC). The main goals of PocoCapsule are to support declarative assemblying/deploying/configuring of component-based C/C++ applications and also to provide a platform that can easily be used even by domain users to quickly build other component frameworks in a descriptive modeling approach. PocoCapsule is

dds-psm-java-demo - Code examples showing how to use the new Java API for DDS

Code examples showing how to use the new Java API for DDS