Digital Disco System

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A Client-/Server-based Audio Player System for use in discos as well as at home.



Related Projects

Python File Format Interface

PyFFI is a Python library for processing block structured binary files. Supports NetImmerse/Gamebryo (NIF, KFM), Crytek (CGF), FaceGen (EGM), DDS, and TGA. Includes 3D tools (stripifier, tangent space), utility scripts, and a file editor QSkope.

ThumbView - Expansive Thumbnail support!

Add thumbnail support for .cut, .dcx, .dds, .mdl, .mng, .pcd, .pcx, .pic, .pix, .png, .pnm/.pbm/.pgm/.ppm, .psd/.pdd, .psp, .pxr, .sgi/.rgb, .tga/.vda/.icb/.vst, .tif/.tiff, .wal, and .xpm in MS-Windows XP Explorer! Or plug in your own image formats!


EPICS-DDS is an open source implementation of the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) based on the Channel Access protocol of the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS).

Encore-web-dds - Framework for web enabled DDS applications

Encore Web DDS is a framework to support the development of web applications for use with the community edition of the OpenSplice DDS. This capability extends the data transport capabilities of DDS to include Wide Area Networks, providing lightweight web clients the capability to act as DDS participants, subscribing to and publishing DDS samples over the HTTP protocol.

Jsimd - A simple API from programming DDS in Java

jSIMD (SIMple DDS) is a Java API intended to greatly simplify the use of DDS. As such, SIMD uses templates and some little template meta-programming to provide an API that reduces by several times the line of code that need to be written for a DDS application. With SIMD you can write a DDS application in 4 lines of code!

Escalier - The Scala API for DDS

Escalier is a Scala language binding for DDS currently targeting the Open Source DDS implementation OpenSplice. The beauty of Escalier is that it takes advantage of the nice features provided by the Scala language to provide a very concise and elegant API for DDS. Escalier promotes a reactive programming style for DDS applications and in upcoming releases will provide a complete Functional Reactive Programming framework for writing DDS applications. Escalier defines a Scala API for the OMG Data

Spectrum-dds-monitor - DDS data monitor and debug tool

Spectrum DDS Monitor is a Java application developed for use with the community edition of the OpenSplice DDS framework. It provides the capability to inspect and debug DDS samples generated by active publishers for subscribed topics. Sample data can also be injected, modified and published into the DDS network without the need for an external publisher. The tool supports the optional generation of log files containing DDS sample data represented in XML or CSV files, which is useful for import i

Linda-dds - The Linda Coordination for DDS

Linda is a very simple yet powerful coordination model for building parallel and distributed applications. LindaDDS provides an implementation of the Linda primitives, e.g, in, rd, out, eval built on top of the OMG Data Distribution Service. This combination is very powerful as it gives DDS users the power of Linda primitives so to make it simpler to write the coordination of DDS-based distributed applications. At the same time it provides Linda users with the power and performances of DDS.