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Oracle DBA's module for Oracle 8i, 8.0 and 7.3. Reverse engineers DDL for specified list of objects. Defrags entire tablespaces. Resizes tables/indexes to your standards. Creates user X with privileges of Y. Etc., etc., etc.




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Oracle-ddl2svn - Auto track changes of oracle DDL scheme in SVN

Set of tools for automatization storing of oracle DDL schema in SVN. The contents of the setscheme2ddl - command line utility for export oracle schema in set of ddl scripts. provide lot of configurations via basic command line options or advanced XML configuartion additional bash and bat scripts for automated retrieving scheme ddl and storing it in svn BenefitsUsing of SVN (or other VCS tools) for storing changes of oracle scheme is great idea. Simple scenario as 2-step script exp user/password@

Sql2asciidoc - Tools for converting SQL DDL (tables/views creation scripts) and DML (SELECT command

Table of ContentsTable of ContentsSummaryddl2asciidocsql2asciidoc SummaryThis is a Python library and script to export SQL DDL and SQL SELECT command's output to AsciiDoc. There are two scripts represented in the package: '''ddl2asciidoc''' -- converts DDL (Create Table/View SQL scripts) to AsciiDoc source; '''sql2asciidoc''' -- connects to database, executes SELECT ... script and converts it's result to AsciiDoc table body. ddl2asciidoc ddl2asciidoc - Prints ASCIIDOC of table descriptions from

ddljen is a SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) generator. ddljen generates SQL code for different da

Introductionddljen is a SQL DDL (Data Definition Language) generator. ddljen generates SQL code for different databases from a user-defined database schema expressed in XML. ddljen is developed in Java and can be easily integrated in Java-based projects. Featuresjava-based, easy to integrate in your own java projects able to generate SQL for Oracle and/or MySQL easily extensible to support other RDBMS supports most schema objects: primary keys and foreign keys with named constraints, unique and

Create-database-schema-by-diagram-ll - Welcome to project homepage

โปร��รมสร้าง�านข้อมูลด้วย�ผนผังCreate Database Schema By Diagram==This software it is a thesis in computer engineering of Mahanakorn University Of Technology=== implements with java SE and MVC Design Pattern. for connect to Oracle 10gUsing Java... Using MVC... DescriptionShow relationship between entity by Crow's Foot Notation Feature1. Create entity schema2. Generate SQL DDL from diagram3. Generate SQL DDL from diagram and Create int

Triggermaker - Makes a trigger from a given table structure

This is a small python utility script that makes a trigger from give table DDL (generated from SSMS). Tutorial and description: http://basaratali.blogspot.com/2009/08/logging-parameter-changes-in-table.html Requires dexutils: http://code.google.com/p/dexutils/

Garindriver - Schema migration support for JAVA

The Garin Driver is a JDBC driver wrapper with the ability to run a stack of DDL/SQL scripts as part of the connection process. The driver currently works with Oracle, MySQL, HSQL, and PostgreSQL database systems. Additional backend systems can be added quickly via a DriverAdapter interface. With GarinDriver the state of the database is checked at the point of connection. These client connections trigger database schema updates. Since the driver runs a simple stack of XML and/or SQL scripts you

Dbsteward - SQL database XML definition tool for DDL creation and differencing

What / who is DBSteward for?DBSteward is a database definition differencing tool. Database structure and data is defined in a DTD-enforced, human readable XML format. Intended users are application developers and database administrators who maintain database structure changes as part of an application life cycle. Defining your SQL database in a DBSteward XML definition can greatly lower your release engineering costs by removing the need to write and test SQL DDL changes. Many developers maintai

Jalisq - Java Language integrated and type safe SQL querying

jaLISQJava language integrated and type safe SQL queryingjaLISQ offers type-safe and language integrated SQL querying for the Java programming language. If you want to help out and know SQL and/or Java and/or Eclipse plugin development please don't hesitate to drop me a line at wwechsung (at) web.de. jaLISQ uses JDBC metadata to generate Java representations of SQL. As regards typesafety this enables programs using jaLISQ to bind to the data layer at the earliest possible time. jaLISQ project go

Schema2svn - automatic convertor Oracle database schema to DDL scripts

Exports oracle database objects to DDL scripts (like TOAD do for schema export). ant script commits changes to SVN.

Erd-netbeans-module - Entity-Relationship Diagram Module for NetBeans IDE

A module for NetBeans IDE enabling users to model Entity-Relationship diagrams and generate the corresponding relational databases. Multiple databases are supported including Java Derby, MySQL, Oracle, and Postgre SQL. The module can also be used for the visualization of database structure (i.e. generating E/R diagram from a set of database tables). Other features include generating SQL DDL schemas from an existing database, and exporting E/R models to PNG and PDF formats.