Drag'n'Drop Interface

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Cross-browser Javascript Drag'n'Drop interface, based on MS's drag-and-drop and dataTransfer technologies. Library implements core d'n'd functionality only, providing full control over process by event handlers and plugins.




Related Projects


queXML is a simple XML schema for designing questionnaires. Included are stylesheets to administer the questionnaire in PDF (paper), CASES and LimeSurvey. queXML is compatible with the DDI standard.

DDI Alliance

The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) is an effort to establish an international XML-based standard for the content, presentation, transport, and preservation of documentation for datasets in the social and behavioral sciences.

DDI Survey Reader

A simple survey reader using the DDI standards. Built in C# 4.0 using linq This will allow for people to easily open complex DDI documents into an easy to read and use format.

Ddi-codescheme-viewer - DCV - DDI CodeScheme Viewer

XSLT utilities to transform DDI documents describing code and category schemes into a collection of linked-browsable PHP/HTML pages.

Peltek - Türkçe İçin Doğal Dil İşleme Kütüphanesi

Türkçe kelimelerin morfolojik analizini yapabilen ve hatalı girilmiş kelimelerde tavsiyelerde bulunabilen açık kaynak C kütüphanesi.

Ddixslt - XSLT stylesheets for DDI

This is a collection of xslt-stylesheets for DDI for transformation the metadata to other formats. Curren XSLT in development:DDI 3.1 to XHTML DDI 2.1 to RDF DDI 3.1 to datacite (dev version ) Test the current XSLT for DDI Currently the Stylesheet for DDI3.1 -> XHTML supportsBasic rendering of fields for study unit Basic rendering of other material (presented as external links) Rendering of questions and sub questions Rendering of variables Rendering of codes (example of rendered questions and v

Java Decision Diagram Libraries

This project contains two different Binary Decision Diagrams (BDD) libraries: JBDD: a Java interface to two popular BDD libraries, CUDD and BuDDy. JDD: a native Java library supporting BDD, Z-BDD and more (graph/automata/Petri nets/SAT)

Virgil-ui - Virgil UI - DDI-based Classifications Editor

Virgil-UI is released under an free open-source licence and supports the following features: Complete multilingual support, for both the UI and multilingual DDI files. DDI3.x file support Full rich-text editing for DDI Descriptions and Labels Support for Windows, Mac and Linux Export support for Virgil-Web an existing tool for generating Web-pages from DDI CodeLists Import from CSV Drag-and-drop re-ordering of CodeLists

Ddi-exist - Guides, examples and complete solutions for using DDI in eXist

updates to this project is coming in early july 2011 The goal with this page is to give developers and other users of DDI examples and a good start on how to use DDI in eXist Example of DDI3.1 serialized to jsonp (used fo the Question Bank demo) http://bull.ssd.gu.se:8080/exist/rest/db/ddi/www/index.html A quick sniplet to get questions out from eXist using the Lucene search: declare namespace g = "ddi:group:3_1";declare namespace d = "ddi:datacollection:3_1";declare namespace r = "ddi:reusable:

Ddi-ontology - Ontology for Drug Discovery Investigations

DDI - An Ontology for Drug Discovery InvestigationsThe goal of DDI project is to develop an ontology for the description of drug discovery investigations. The Pharmaceutical industry is an information based industry. The aim of DDI is to add value to the information generated in the drug pipeline by making the information easier to reuse, integrate, curate, retrieve, and reason with. DDI aims to follow to the Open Biomedical Ontologies Foundry (OBO) principles, to use relations laid down in the