DDay.iCal - an iCalendar class library

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DDay.iCal is an iCal (RFC 5545) class library for .NET 2.0 and above, Silverlight. It aims at being as RFC 5545 compliant as possible, while targeting compatibility with popular calendaring applications, like Apple iCal, Outlook 2007, etc.




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Timexdatalinkusbgcalendar2appt - Download Google Calendars and enable import into Timex Datalink USB

All your Google Calendars can be downloaded as iCal files and then parsed into a CSV file that can be imported by the watch as appointments using supplied Timex Datalink USB software. Uses DDay.iCal library (see http://www.ddaysoftware.com/Pages/Projects/DDay.iCal/) and is written in .NET (C#). This software should be considered ALPHA. I will be uploading the code soon, I just need to license it properly and comment the code (there isn't much code ).

Quicktask - Simple and Fast Task Entry for iCal-based Calendar

IntroductionUsing generic calendar application, when adding task, user usually faced with lots of data field to entry while what he/she usually need is simple entry of task name and category. For the follower of GTD this even more true since they usually don't attach stuff like start/due dates, priority, alarms, locations and stuff. QuickTask makes the entering task very fast and non distracting. It's dialog stays all the time even after you enter a task, always ready for another task entry thus