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Eclipse Documentum DQL/API plug-in with the main functionality of content proposals and colour coding. As a secondary result testing things the plug-in is starting to resemble a fast hard client. A feature we lost when a certain hard client was replaced.




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Doofer - Groovy extensions for Documentum Foundation Classes (DFC)

Doofer makes DFC development groovier. It is a small library of Groovy classes that augment and extend DFC functionality. new Doofer().withSession(connectInfo) { def obj = getObject('0123456789') obj << [title: 'Documentum', authors: ['Doofer', 'Groovy']] obj.save()}The latest version of Doofer is 0.32. Please note that this version basically the same as 0.2 but has a few bugfixes and been compiled against Groovy 1.6.2 and Java 1.6.0. Update I've discovered that Groovy/DFC scripts fail where the

Google-enterprise-connector-dctm - Google Search Appliance Connector for Documentum

Welcome to the Documentum Connector Project! The Google Documentum Connector enables the Google Search Appliance to search and serve documents and other content stored in Documentum Content Server.

Dctm-commons - Helper classes for Documentum Development

Project Goals Helper methods for Documentum Designed to complement DFC not replace it JUnit tested Best practice - design patterns, etc No additional runtime dependencies (e.g. Commons Logging, etc) Fat free! No bloat. No helper classes to do stuff that other libraries do better (e.g. Guava, Apache Commons, Jodatime, etc) Features Sessions - use session & release automatically Queries - e.g. run query & close collection automatically, execute method, etc Objects - e.g. path builder, repository w