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Enables the display of DCS-A10 gauges on Secondary Screens and Windows Phone 7 by using XNA Studio and C#.




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Scorched Earth Online War

SEOW is a dynamic multiplayer campaign system for running on-line wars using the IL-2 combat simulator. SEOW is a free add-on for IL-2 under the GNU Public Licence. For an install of SEOW, you need the MP, the DB and the DCS, 3 downloads in total.

Financial Supervision Assistant

J2EE, OS/DB independent MIS, BI, PM amp; Report Designer for SUPERVISORS

SaberNet DCS

SaberNet DCS is a labor data collection system, designed to allow organizations to rapidly capture their labor data in real-time. Optimized for bar code input, DCS is the perfect way to automate and improve the accuracy of your time tracking.

Mjairline - DBP project, DCS, MJU, Korea

DBP Project, department of computer software, MJU

Discom - Distributed Computing System

DCS is a convenient and reliable tool developed for organization distributed calculations within the scope of local network or over internet.

Re-relational-etudes - An Implementation of the Relational Model in PHP

Official Website: http://www.reetudes.com Project Status: Release Candidate 2 Links of Interest: Special Mention http://www.dcs.warwick.ac.uk/~hugh/TTM/Projects.html#re Special thanks to Hugh Darwen for mentioning this project at The Third Manifesto's official site. Tip: For the latest code, simply checkout the trunk in the SVN repository.


Open Source DCS (Distributed Control System). FreeDCS will give you everything you need to control your machines or process. It's being designed to be easy to use and deploy. It's composed of Logic designer, HMI designer and controller software.

Universal-cockpit-trainer - Universal Cockpit Trainer - whether learning a F16, an A-10 or a KA-50 .

Starting with Falcon 4.0 the community of hardcore-simulation-pilots was faced with a problem real-world-pilots had figured decades ago: the procedures got too complex to learn them in the actual cockpit. Now, with DCS's "Black Shark" and "A-10C", there is almost no difference between Real-Life and virtual cockpit-management any more. Almost all knobs, switches and buttons (except a handful) are simulated in the virtual cockpit - the procedures within the simulation get very close to the real on