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This project defines the framework for Distributed Conferencing (DCON) by appropriately orchestrating the operation of a number of XCON (http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/xcon-charter.html) quot;focusquot; elements.




Related Projects

Gaugeapplet - Gauge Applet - Java applet that simulates a gauge

Java applet that simulates a gauge/meter. You can use this url to test the applet http://dcon.com.br/gaugeApplet/

Dsotm-collector - Data collector of Firefox data

The idea is to get values of: number of bookmarks / period number of search-queries / period number of history-visits / period number of history-visits already bookmarked No real content, just numbers. If you want to make a try, use this link: http://dcon.com.br/DSOTM_html/

Totalinvasion - Juego de naves en 2D

Juego de naves en 2D,Con varios niveles y jefes finales.

Dcon Pro

A file sharing client and server based on the DirectConnect protocol (neo-modus.com) for the Windows platform. Client supports simultaneous hub connections, a refined MP3 search, and ability to download the same file from multiple users at the same time

Ivelavoice - Voice recognizer applet

This project aims an e-learning software for voice speech recognizing. The front-end is made in Java, using the JApplet API and swing. The back-end, the voice recognizer, uses Julius and Voxforge. Both free software. If you want to test how it works, use this link: http://dcon.com.br/ivela-voice

Geoconme - GPS tracking/locating system for mobile phones

This is a simple open-source project that consists in one JME application that collects data from a GPS (embedded in the mobile phone) and sends this data to a webpage. This project can be used as your personal locating system. CLDC 1.1 MIDP 2.0 This project, also makes use of GeoConvertor lib. It was tested in a Nokia E71 phone, with success Here you can find an example of Web interface with the results sent by mobile phone: http://www.dcon.com.br/Update/viewGPSData.php?user=jdamico

Ivela - Ivela - Internet Voice E-Learning Application

Ivela is a JEE software that allows schools, universities, companies and institutions to create, offer and manage e-learning courses (in someway like Moodle). The courses creation goes beyond grades, exercises, teachers, coordinators and students management. It offers tools for online content building based on rich text editors embedded into browser. But also the content administrator can choose to create a content outside the application using "third-part" tools, based on an "Ivela Content Pack

Dbjmin - DBJMIN: An easy-to-use MULTI-DB Client

NEWS: 2009 MAY 13 - RELEASE CANDIDATE FOR VERSION 0.5 WAS PUBLISHED! Check downloads here: http://code.google.com/p/dbjmin/downloads/list DBJMIN is an open source MULTI-DB client. First, this software was intented to be a client just to DB2. A Web-Based/Desktop client (general-purpouse), inspired on phpMyAdmin. But after the first release several users asked to add support to other databases, so since version 0.0.9 the software have full support to DB2 (since version 8.1), MYSQL (since version 5

DConApp2012 - The Data services for the Android D*Con app using GAE

The Data services for the Android D*Con app using GAE

dcon - Doubly-linked Comic ORM for Newrem

Doubly-linked Comic ORM for Newrem