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dci is an RPN scientific calculator for console users. It is an improved /usr/bin/dc, though not 100% compatible. dci is designed for quick handling of arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, and complex values.




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DCI4 network driver for RISC OS

DCI4 network driver for RISC OS

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WelcomeThe nsdci AOLserver module includes a number of utility APIs, data structures, and transports created initially during the creation of the Digital City Web site. We hope others will find it as useful as we have over the years. DocumentationGetting Started:Compiling Running Topology API:cache - Cache ncf - Network Cache Flush neval - Network Eval np - Network Poll nproxy - Network Proxy nrate - Network Ratings nsob - Network Small Object Broker nt - Network Tally nv - Network Variables pag

Dci-sample - DCI Implementation Sample