dc-qt: A DirectConnect Client

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Dc-qt is a DirectConnect client based on DC++ for Linux and MacOS X, with a separate backend / gui architecture. It is written in C++ and comes with a Qt GUI. We are currently in an alpha stage so expect some bugs and missing features.




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Aerodc - A python based client for nmdc.

A java based client for nmdc that will allow lots of plugins. At some point the gui will be written in QT.


A multiplatform DC client based on the dc++ core and a Qt interface.

Developer-console - Developer Console is an application to communicate with various devices attached

The primary job is display received data to the user in different representation: as characters or as stream of raw data in HEX. Also it is allowed input from user as a characters or as raw data in HEX. DC provides plugin system to exent functionality. This application writen in QT. To compile from source You need to download QT-4.2.2 or latter. QT is product of Trolltech. To download QT visit http://www.trolltech.com/.

Alice-dc - The client-server application make the group draw

Клиент-�ервеное приложение, дающее возможно�ть �оздовать �овме�ные ри�унки �ред�твами конкуренции. О�нована на Qt (c++) и SQLite. Возможно дополнение проекта незави�имым �ервером (работающим без Qt). d - drawing, c -chat. �ли�а - мо� дочь.

Stildcpp - Direct connect Client

StilDC++Direct connect Client (DC++) written in Qt4/C++ If you want to help authors, please, write to apavelm@gmail.com

Rufusdc - KDE 4 DC++ client

SummaryDC++ client for KDE 4. Uses DC++ core, as for now - version 0.75 I tried to implement DC++ client from scratch, and succeeded partially. But since guys from LinuxDC++ did all the hard work making DC++ core running on Linux, I decided to switch. Kudos to DC++ and LinuxDC++. The code is clear, well-designed, easy to read and to integrate. Status2009-07-05 Switched to DC++ core, development going fast. Not usable now, but since it shares config with linuxdcpp, you can use RufusDC to see how

Eiskaltdc - EiskaltDC++

EiskaltDC++ is a cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect and ADC protocols. It is compatible with other DC clients, such as the original DC from Neomodus, DC++ and derivatives. EiskaltDC++ also interoperates with all common DC hub software. Screenshots: More info: in Russian or translated by Google More screenshots: in Russian, in English, or translated by Google Small FAQ: in Russian or translated by Google Jabber conference (Russian/English): eiskaltdc@conference.gentoo.ru (logs) {

Qttwitter - it's a crossplatform twitter client made in qt , but the main focus would always be

older working version is on versionhttp://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Twitter+Client%28Qt%29?content=77375 Qt =Qt Open Source Edition version 4.4.3 Qt is a c++ toolkit/framework formerly made by trolltech {Now subsidiary of Nokia} ------- screenshoots http://docs.google.com/Presentation?id=dc84vxv_20355v2chhj Regards Shashank Singh Geodesic Limited http://www.geodesic.com/ Official Mail : [Shashank.singh@geodesic.com] Important: Twitlib has quite mature code for wrapper around twitter API

Middleware-p2p - Middleware p2p para a matéria de sistemas operacionais - DC - UEL

O middleware deve ser criado para transferir arquivos por meio de p2p, tendo em vista questões como balanceamento de banda, tempo de latência da rede e início rápido de recebimento de informações. Será utilizada nesse projeto a IDE QtCreator, que disponibiliza diversas API's e tem a vantagem de ser de uso livre. O desenvolvimento deve ser feito em estágios, iniciando-se com uma prova de conceito (transferência por rede porém na máquina local, arquivo completo vindo de apenas um comput

Eepe - EEPROM Editor for er9x FW

This program is targeted as an editor for EEPROM files generated by the er9x FW. http://code.google.com/p/er9x/ DOWNLOAD WINDOWS INSTALLER DOWNLOAD LINUX 32bit DEB PACKAGE DOWNLOAD LINUX 64bit DEB PACKAGE DOWNLOAD Mac OSX Installer Support Forum Thanks to an enterprising member we have a support forum: http://www.9xforums.com Please join and use for all your questions, suggestions and discussions regarding the er9x/eepe platform. eePe and er9x are free to use under the GNU v2.0 License. Feel fre