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DCGUI-QT is a QT GUI Direct Connect filesharing client.




Related Projects

dc-qt: A DirectConnect Client

Dc-qt is a DirectConnect client based on DC++ for Linux and MacOS X, with a separate backend / gui architecture. It is written in C++ and comes with a Qt GUI. We are currently in an alpha stage so expect some bugs and missing features.

Aerodc - A python based client for nmdc.

A java based client for nmdc that will allow lots of plugins. At some point the gui will be written in QT.

Coredc - Small and simple to use library implementation of the Direct Connect protocol in .NET

CoreDCThe aim of the project is to produce a well documented and simple to use library implementing the Direct Connect p2p protocol. Mainly in order to simplify the process of writing programs to communicate over the DC protocol. Our first beta release is out already, but lack of feedback has made us hold back a bit on a more stable release. However, you can always download the latest source from the svn and compile your own, fully working version. Some things are not yet implemented, but basic

Shakespeer - ShakesPeer is a Direct Connect client for Mac OS X

Note: ShakesPeer has not been under any active development since early 2009. We are looking for someone to take over maintenance of this project. If you are interested in such a thing, please send an email to Markus. ShakesPeer: a DC++ compatible Direct Connect clientShakesPeer is a peer to peer (P2P) file sharing program. It is a client for the Direct Connect protocol. The main goal of ShakesPeer is to create a fully featured client, compatible with DC++, that runs on Mac OS X with a native Aqu

SababaDC - Enhanced DC++ (p2p)

SababaDC is a FREE program based on the original DC++ open source application. IE browser support,Multi source support (segmented downloads),Partial file sharing,new GUI,lot new features. best and fastest p2p software. try and see yourself.

Zpoc3 - Unofficial client for the ZPoC content distribution network, based loosely on the Direct Con

This project aims to create a native ZPoC client for Linux use that is up-to-date and feature-rich. The ZPoC protocol is based loosely on the Direct Connect protocol. ZPoC 3 uses a modified version of FlowLib, a C# library for communicating via the Direct Connect protocol. ZPoC 3 is written in C# using the Mono development framework (a port of .NET to Linux). The GUI is written in GTK#.

Ceirinhashls - ceirinhasHLS - A simple Hublist Server to create XML/Config Hublists to DirectConnect

ceirinhasHLS( ceirinhas Hublist Server) is a simple Hublist Server to create XML/Config Hublists to DirectConnect Clients. It uses no Databases and can be used in any operating system that suports java. DownloadsLast version: ceirinhasHLS v0711 ceirinhasHLS v0711(src) Requirementsjava 6.0 or above. InstallUnpack the file run the jar file(Linux): mkdir ceirinhasHLScd ceirinhasHLSwget http://ceirinhashls.googlecode.com/files/ceirinhasHLS_2k71122.tar.gztar zxvpf ceirinhasHLS_2k71122.tar.gzjava -jar

AIR - Automated Image and Restore

AIR (Automated Image amp; Restore) is a GUI front-end to dd/dc3dd designed for easily creating forensic disk/partition images. Supports MD5/SHAx hashes, SCSI tape drives, imaging over a TCP/IP network, splitting images, and detailed session logging.

Rs22812 - Python interface to Radio Shack 22-812 digital multimeter with serial port

Note: I don't use this meter or software anymore, but other people apparently still do. Please see the update notes at the bottom of this page. If you want to monitor a measured electrical parameter (voltage, current, resistance, etc.) over a period of time, this python program can talk to a Radio Shack 22-812 digital multimeter over the serial port and print out its readings. Besides needing the multimeter and a serial cable to connect to the meter, you'll need to download the PySerial module:

Oldmapsonline - Old Maps Online - Publishing, Georeference, Rectification, Metadata, Search, GIR, Ra

Old Maps OnlineRepository for new software tools and patches of existing open-source tools, which are usable for libraries, archives, museums as well as individuals, who are publishing scanned old maps and other historical documents. Development is supported by a R&D grant DC08P02OUK006 - Old Maps Online (www.oldmapsonline.org) from Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Project objectives:Development of a technology and a pilot system to allow memory institutions to reliably georeference an