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Berkeley DB XML is an application-specific native XML data manager built on Berkeley DB. It provides fast, reliable, scalable and cost-effective storage and retrieval for native XML data and semi-structured data.




Related Projects



Dbxmladmin - Web interface for DBXML files.

Uses PHP and jQuery to list the DB contents. Currently can only get the contents back in a treeview and add entries from a text area.

Dbxmlrequest - Lib to get a XML file in a web server! You can parse with TinyXML and much more!

With DBXmlRequest, you can get a XML File in a server and parse with TinyXML, save the file on disk or get the file as string! You can easily interact with WebServices. Visit my blog (pt-br) for more information.

Minidbxml - Console Database program for Linux

AboutMinidbxml - is a project which aims to create a console application database software for Linux. This program and source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. If you're Polish, you can also report bugs in the Polish language Features- Create, add, edit, or delete entries - Browse Database - Edit, add, remove Column Base - Simpy Search Entries - Support Multi-DB - Session Control News27.10.2011 - Add to documentation project for 0.0.8 beta 3. You can download from Downloa


dbXML is a Native XML Database (NXD). NXDs are databases that store XML using an internalized format for faster overall processing. dbXML was developed using the Java 2 Standard Edition version 1.4.

Xmldb4java - db xml for java

XmlDB for javaUse:Copy this file dbxml.properties in the classpath of your library. Set xmldb.connection Code: Configuration cfg = new Configuration(); cfg.buildConfiguration(); SessionFactory sessionFactory = cfg.getSessionFactory(); Session session = sessionFactory.getSession(); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Cellulare cellulare = new Cellulare(); cellulare.setDettaglio("12345666767882"); Contatto contatto = new Contatto(); contatto.setCognome("Cognome"); contatto.setNome("Nome")

Iocerco - A structural ranking for approximated xquery-xpath full-text queries

This library provides a Xquery-Xpath full-text syntax extension for berkeley db xml using xapian db as IR engine. The IR lookup can be made in two different ways: 1) The standard one, that looks for information hidden in non-structured well-specified nodes 2) An approximated way that scans all the nodes in the database and provides the user the threshold of proximity to the target node and check for the full-text constraints satisfaction. Next step will introduce a native xml-IR engine (like eXi