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This tool provides the following abilities: 1. Database structure version control 2. Centralized database change script storage 3. Automated script applying 4. Multiple applications database structure control 5. Multiple database servers configuration




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Rosedb - Rose Database

Rose DBVersion 5.0Nice and simple App to store information and pictures of roses. Using RiULib and MacWidgets GUI elements. Preview:

Dbmigrate - DB migration for Java applications

DescriptionSimilar to 'rake migrate' for Ruby on Rails this library lets you manage database upgrades for your Java applications. SetupChoose a version table name for your database. The default is db_version. Choose a package within which you will store all your classes and scripts for migrations. Create a directory within that package named after your database (in lowercase, e.g. mysql). Create a script in that directory named migrate0.sql and in that script create the version table and insert

Hs-migration - HS.Migration provides support for updating database schemata and data

Making changes to a database schema or its data requires careful planning and execution, to avoid mistakes. This library provides support for this task, allowing the user to write update scripts once, save them in a common location, with logical naming, and apply them easily. Support for storing migration scripts in a .NET assembly and applying them to an SQL Server database is built in. The architecture caters for those wishing to add support for other forms of migration storage or database pro

tgmigrate is an turbogears command extension which provide sqlalchemy migrate support

tgmigrate is an turbogears command extension which provide sqlalchemy migrate support Install$ easy_install tgmigrateUsageAfter install, tgmigrate plug an 'migrate' command into tg-admin console utility. The basic syntax is $ tg-admin migrate [command]tgmigrate takes care the dburi and repository name for you. The reference procedure is: quickstart project as usual: $ tg-admin quickstart -i -s demo2. setup sqlalchemy dburi in demo/dev.cfg 3. create initial database $ tg-admin sql create4. create

1111111c - 中文汉化

// Ika-core, a collection of modules(sripts) to beutify and assist web page interaction. // Copyright (C) 2008 GBoz // // This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, // but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of // MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. // // You are not allowed to offer this programm for download or redistribute it // in any way except directions stated at the www.ika-core.org website by the administration. // This programm

Anormous - A simple to use ORM Implementation for Android

A simple to use ORM Implementation for Android How to use :Executing CRUD operationsCreation Anormous session for communicating with the databaseAnormousSession session = AnormousSession.getInstance(new DBHelper(this.getApplicationContext()));Insert operationsession.insert(new Employee("test1", "test name 1", 10, 1));session.insert(new Employee("test2", "test name 2", 20, 2));Anormous would automatically create the table for the Employee class (on the first insert command) based on either one of

dbversioning - Version control for databases

Version control for databases

dbversion - Database Revision Control - Ant Task

Database Revision Control - Ant Task


Simple PHP-(CLI-)Script for dumping or importing databases in order to put them under version control as well as the files of your project.