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dbus-c++ attempts to provide a C++ API for D-BUS. The library has a glib/gtk and an Ecore mainloop integration. It also offers an optional own main loop.




Related Projects

V8-dbus - JavaScript D-Bus binding for v8

v8-dbus is a JavaScript D-Bus binding for v8 It provides the interface for JavaScript to access D-Bus service (session/system) such as method_call, signal_receipt. How To UseConnect to the BusTo create an JavaScript object that wraps system/session bus connection, use the following code: var session = dbuslib.session_bus(); var system = dbuslib.system_bus();InterfacesD-Bus uses interfaces to provide a namespacing mechanism for methods. An interface is a group of related methods and signals (more

Qirssi - A Qt trayicon and notifier for irssi

qirssi is a trayicon and message notifier for irssi. Features: You can open and close easily a terminal window containing a screen session running irssi by using the qirssi trayicon. You can get new message alerts by icon and/or balloon alerts. The alerts are also configurable by regular expressions. You can, for example, get alerts only for private messages from some nicks. It is not required to run DBus nor notification-daemon. All the required communication is done using plain Unix Domain Soc

Dbustl - D-Bus Template Library, a thin C++ wrapper for D-Bus

About DBusTLDBusTL is an easy do to use, extensible C++ wrapper for D-Bus that makes the use of D-Bus with plain C++ easy. For more help, including code source samples, see the Online Documentation. Though already quite usefull, DBusTL is still in its infancy, and therefore interface might change at any time before 1.0 release. Important note: To be used with the most elegant syntax, DBusTL requires a cutting edge C++ feature, that is currently only available with gcc 4.3 and upper. Use of older

Wordtip - text classification service for desktop and mobile applications

WordtipWordtip is a text classification service for desktop and mobile applications. It uses D-Bus as a messaging system to communicate with clients. It's in a very early stage of development. Code is maintained on github. To clone the repository: git clone git://github.com/markoa/wordtip.git

Timberyard - multi-source log processing and reporting

TimberyardTimberyard is (going to be) a multisource log processing and reporting system. Think Nagios, MRTG, Splunk, Analog, etc rolled into one. I'm trying to modularise it as much as possible, and introduce some compatability layers to allow (eg) migration from nagios to Timberyard slowly, using an existing Nagios install as a Timberyard data-source until it's contents are migrated. It'll be based around dbus to allow decoupling and easy extension (Want a plugin? Do it yourself in any language

Jsonpp - Recursive Data-Structures Template Library

The Recursive Data-Structures Template Library (RDSTL) is currently sitting in the old JSONpp library. The RDSTL is both a library and a set of supporting libraries. The main library is the RDSTL, itself, defines an generic interface for recursive data-structures. Libraries can be built on top of the RSDTL, for instance, the XGTL, which provides run-time XPath to any data-structure which satisfies the RDSTL and some further constraints. Entry points: JSON Library, BEL, XGTL, RDSTL. TODOjsonpp ne

Kandas - Management infrastructure for NDAS devices

KaNDAS is a convienent management infrastructure for NDAS devices. Update: I do not own an NDAS device anymore. If you would like to take over development of KaNDAS, send me a patch to proof that you know your way around the code, and I'll grant you developer rights. The KaNDAS suite consists of the KaNDASd daemon, the KaNDAS user interface for the KDE 4 desktop, and the KaNDASconsole toolkit. The current release for all components is version 0.2.0. Source tarballs are available from the Downloa

Socket-sentry - Real-time network traffic monitor for KDE Plasma.

It's your 'Net.Latest release: 0.9.3Socket Sentry is a KDE Plasma widget that displays real-time network traffic on your Linux computer. It shows you which processes are communicating with which hosts, current data transfer rates, protocols, and more. Socket Sentry combines the best parts of tools like iftop and netstat in a modern desktop interface that's approachable and easy-to-use. FeaturesMonitor one or all network devices in each widget See over 10 different stats and other characteristics

Vncbox - VNC Box: run a VNC server from within a jail

VNC Box runs the x11vnc VNC server on the nested X server Xephyr and runs applications in a jail as an unprivileged user. To set up the jail, using Jailkit is suggested. VNC Box is written in C++ using gtkmm. VNC Box is not yet feature-complete but is functional. Contributers are welcome! FeaturesImproved security of the VNC service by launching applications in a jail. Automatic creation of Xauthority entries for both the current user and the jail user. Automatic creation of UPnP port mappings f

Nazar - Bilgisayarınızı kem gözlerden koruyan bir nazar boncuğu programcığı

nazar Programcığı Hakkındanazar, panelinize veya masaüstünüze ekleyebileceğiniz ve bilgisayarınızı kem gözlerden, kötü ruhlardan, hayaletlerden, zombilerden, gargamelden, iskeletordan ... koruyabileceğiniz bir programcıktır. nazar, Pardus'un en büyük güvenlik özelliği olan KNazar'ın üstün Plasma teknolojisi ile üretilmiş bir türevidir. Henüz erken geliştirilme aşamasında olan nazar'ın daha şimdiden kem gözleri %50 oranında engellediği Alman bilim insanlarınc