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A customizable tool for version-aware deployment/upgrade of database schemas. It can be used with any DBMS.




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Intuitive-php-mysql-class - Easy-to-use php-mysql class

I have written a php class for accessing MySql. The class is very easy to use (and very intuitive). This is how to insert a new record$db = new db();$db->table = "employee" // set table name$db->field["name"] = "tanin"; // set the field 'name'$db->field["lastname"] = na nakorn";$db->field["employee_id"] = "283581";$new_id = $db->insert(); // do the insert transaction, the function return the primary key of the new recordThis is how to update a record$db = new db();$db->table = "employee" // set

E3db - Fast database library for Grails

Efficient, effective, and effortless supplement to GORM for Grails. Getting StartedAn important thing to remember: E3DB gives you direct access to a database via JDBC (it's JDBC wrapped in a bunch of great, time-saving, boiler-plate code, but it's still JDBC). This means that unlike GORM, E3DB is not database agnostic. If persistence portability is a big concern for your project, do not use E3DB. InstallingI haven't been able to get E3DB added to the official grails plug-in library (yet). (Anyon

Automated Database Updater

Command line app, DbUpdater keeps a simple record of all scripts that have previously been run against a database and which 'version' of the database each script was run against. It recurses through a given directory tree, looks for a defined location then runs all scripts fo...

Maven-db-plugin - Database plugin for maven2

maven pluginsmaven-db-plugin (sql) maven-mongodb-plugin (MongoDB) repository configuration: <repository> <id>maven-db-plugin-repo</id> <name>maven db plugin repository</name> <url>http://maven-db-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/maven/repo</url> <layout>default</layout> </repository>goalsdb:create - execute the create database statements db:drop - execute the drop database statements db:schema - execute all of the scripts in the schema scripts directory db:data - execute all of the data in the schema s

dbupdater - Maven parent pom project

Maven parent pom project

DB_update - Update a db from a file

Update a db from a file

couch_dbupdates - couchdb modules to receive databases events in couchdb node

couchdb modules to receive databases events in couchdb node

dbupdater - Php script to manage the version control of a database

Php script to manage the version control of a database

DBUpdateDll - Update de banco de dados via dll

Update de banco de dados via dll

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