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A Database Unit Testing framework for .NET. Places the database in a given state ready for unit testing of database access code.




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Nb-dbunit - DbUnit Support for NetBeans IDE

A module for NetBeans IDE that makes use of DbUnit easier. DbUnit is a JUnit extension (also usable with Ant) targeted at database-driven projects that, among other things, puts your database into a known state between test runs. This is an excellent way to avoid the myriad of problems that can occur when one test case corrupts the database and causes subsequent tests to fail or exacerbate the damage. DbUnit has the ability to export and import your database data to and from XML datasets. Since

Ndbunit - NDbUnit is a .NET library for managing database state during unit testing

NDbUnit is a .NET library for managing database state during unit testing. NDbUnit may be used to increase repeatability in unit tests that interact with a database by ensuring that the database's state is consistent across execution of tests. NDbUnit does this by allowing the unit test to perform an operation on a dataset before or after the execution of a test, thus ensuring a consistent state. To better understand how NDbUnit works, check out the Quick Start Guide NEW: The easiest way to get