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dbscript is a new PHP framework for composing distributed collaborative Semantic Web applications with Microformats, OpenID and REST Web services and Qooxdoo Ajax Toolkit. install --gt; wget dbscript.net/latest.zip, unzip latest.zip, vi db/config.yml




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Ghostdbscript - ghostDBscript --- DSL language and .NET processing engine for database definition la

Originator believes the syntax of database creation is too wordy. ghostDBscript is an attempt to shorten that language to increase understanding and decrease errors. Will convert and execute simplified database creation script. Engine inspired by Haml and implemented in C# .NET 2.0. Currently words for SQL Server 2005 database, other database types to be created later. For example: # { localhost, DBScriptTest } # { :host localhost, :base DBScriptTest, :user testuser, :pass testpass, :port 1234 }

Scriptio - A SQL Server Object Scripting Utility

A utility for generating object scripts for Microsoft SQL Server. It is specifically designed to script DROPs and CREATEs in the same script.

Flex-java-maven-archetypes - Maven Archetypes for flex blazeds spring jpa

Maven Archetype to create flex blazeds spring jpa IntroductionUse this archetype to create a flex, mate, blazeds, spring, jpa, hibernate project. Maven repository is not set up for the archetype. Till it is available please use the following steps to use the archetype Steps for using the archetypeCreating the project from archetypeUse a svn client to checkout the code from http://flex-java-maven-archetypes.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/flex-mate-blazeds-spring-jpa-archetype/ Install the archetype to

Db-script - Онлайн редактор баз данных

О программеОдной из о�новных возможно�тей �вл�ет�� работа множе�тва пользователей над одной базой данных,� разными уровн�ми до�тупа. Дополнительна� информаци�Хот� программа и коммерче�ка� но ее можно и�пользовать �овершенно бе�платно. Ча�ть и�ходных кодов открыта дл�

dbscripts - Arch Linux DB scripts

Arch Linux DB scripts

Kuali-Coeus-3.1-DB-Scripts - Just the db_scripts directory of the Kuali Coeus 3.1 release

Just the db_scripts directory of the Kuali Coeus 3.1 release


DBScriptCache automatically caches script files in the browser's HTML5 client-side database.


a utility for scripting sql server database schema objects and data for use in source control

dbscript - php4-compatible meta-object fun

php4-compatible meta-object fun

dbscripts - Some scripts to dump / convert between CSV, MySQL, SQLite and YAML

Some scripts to dump / convert between CSV, MySQL, SQLite and YAML