Daisy Book Reader

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A GTK Daisy Talking Book reader application.




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Freesite Insertion Wizard

Freesite Insertion Wizard is a java utility with AWT GUI for inserting freesites (DBR, Edition, FEC support). Contains a lot of help at each stage of the process, and includes site verification to increase availability of the inserts.

Appleplaylist - Create an asx playlist of Apple HD trailers and posters for wmp

A Python script that uses dbr's AppleTrailers.py (@ github.com) to create an asx playlist of movie posters and HD trailers for windows media player, and a m3u playlist of trailers only. Use command line options to disable/enable the following: - viewing of the poster (asx only) - select by posted date (today, within a week/month/year) - video quality (480p, 720p)


Simple to use TVDB (thetvdb.com) API in Python. The automatic TV episode namer "tvnamer" is now in a separate repository http://github.com/dbr/tvnamer

Bd-lca - Proyecto de BD B-2010

Bases de Datos desarrollada para el juego Lantern Corps Academy, para la compañia Valkyrie

Debyer - software for calculation of diffraction patterns for atomistic models (and other tools)

You can find here a collection of C/C++ tools that work with atomistic models. debyerThe program takes as an input a file with positions of all the atoms in the virtual sample (up to tens of millions of atoms, perhaps even more) and can output x-ray and neutron powder diffraction pattern, total scattering structure function, pair distribution function (PDF) and related functions (RDF, reduced PDF). Although the program can take a unit cell as input, there are more suitable programs to calculate

My-renamer - Renames TV series by their theTVDB.com names

IntroductionThis program allows you to rename files in your media collection using information retrieved from theTVDB.com using the tvdb_api (see http://github.com/dbr/tvdb_api). Yes, this is a solved problem but it was something I thought would be interesting enough to try myself. And yes, this is probably only read by me; but if you are here, welcome! Any comments/suggestions are appreciated. The applicationThe application is comprised of a single window with dockable widgets. Package- To get

Thesisyossim - Fermi Edge Polaritons Formed by Electron-Hole Pairs Interacting with Cavity-Confined

This repository is a backup of my M.Sc. thesis, which I earned from the Physics dept. at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Elisha Cohen. The title of the thesis is "Fermi Edge Polaritons Formed by Electron-Hole Pairs Interacting with Cavity-Confined Photons", and in this site you can find: Full Matlab source code Wiki: Matlab code documentation Downloads: Thesis preprint in PDF format Thesis seminar talk (in short and extended version) in PDF format Abs

DBR - Release history of DBR

Release history of DBR

DBR-trunk - Release history of DBR-trunk

Release history of DBR-trunk

Fdtd-axially-symmetric-dielectric-optical-fiber - FDTD code for axially symmetric structures. Struct

%This program simulates the propagation of a gaussian beam in an optical %fiber %lambda0 is the incident wavelength clear c=2.99792458e8; %speed of light in free space(m/s) mu0=1.0*pi*4.0e-7; %magnetic permeabilty eps0=1/(c*c*mu0); % electric permeability lambda=400e-9; sample=10; %number of samples per wavelength dz=lambda/sample; %space increment dr=lambda/sample; ds=lambda/sample; lambda0=450e-9; %wavelength of the source fs=c/lambda0; %frequency of the source omega=2*pi*fs; dt=ds/(2*c); KE=d