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DBpedia has moved to GitHub: https://github.com/dbpedia/extraction-framework/wiki The mailing lists are still hosted by SourceForge. DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia and to link other datasets on the Web to Wikipedia data.




Related Projects


James (a.k.a Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server) is a 100% pure Java SMTP and POP3 Mail server, and NNTP News server designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail/messaging engine solution based on currently available open messaging protocols.


DBpedia Spotlight is a tool for automatically annotating mentions of DBpedia resources in text.

Simplesparql - Provides a simple python language (similar to MQL) to SPARQL endpoints

SimpleSPARQL allows queries to SPARQL endpoints in a very simple language similar to MQL. The query language is designed specifically for python and uses python dictionaries in the same way as MQL. Example Code: >>> from SimpleSPARQL import SimpleSPARQL>>> sparql = SimpleSPARQL("http://dbpedia.org/sparql")>>> n = sparql.n>>> n.bind('rdf', 'http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#')>>> n.bind('rdfs', 'http://www.w3.org/2000/01/rdf-schema#')>>> n.bind('dbpedia2', 'http://dbpedia.org/property/')

Getsemantics - Get Semantics - Link your data to the web of data

This project is a java library that helps in the process of linking entities to the web of data.

Gold-miner - Generation of Ontologies from Linked Data

This is the home of the GOLD Miner, a tool for generating ontologies from RDF repositories by means of Statistial Schema Induction. The download section of this website includes the datasets as well as the results of a recent series of evaluation experiments we performed on DBpedia and data.gov.uk. Further details about these experiments are given in the following research paper: Johanna Völker and Mathias Niepert, Statistical Schema Induction, Proceedings of the European Semantic Web Conferenc


Apache Pig utilities to build training corpora for machine learning / NLP out of public Wikipedia and DBpedia dumps.

Dbpedia-template-mapping-tool - php project to enable users to create template mappings for DBpedia

The DBpedia Template Mapping Tool is a graphical editor running on a website to support users to create DBpedia mapping templates.

Wikixtractor - Wikipedia Extractor

Wikipedia Content extractor, forked from DBPedia.org Extractor More details on: http://wiki.dbpedia.org/Documentation