DB Objects for Java

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This package provides a lightweight and flexible solution for storing and retrieving java objects in and from relational databases. It is intended for developers who don't want to cope with SQL statements in their code.




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Mopa4j - MongoDB Persistence API for Java

MOPA4J code name is (MOngo Persistence API for Java). It was born just to do mapping POJO to com.mongodb.DBObject and vice-versa with the Mapper class.

Pork-dbobject - Pork.dbObject is a tiny (~500 lines) but powerful hot-pluggable OR-mapper/Active Rec

WTF is Pork.dbObject?It's an Object-Relation mapper for PHP 5 that attempts to be easy, fast, lightweight, uses optimized database queries and provides an easy Find() function very loosely based on rails'. Also, it has an automatic database analyzer and code generator: Pork.Generator: A PHP5 based database analyzer that automatically sees the different types of relations in your (MySQL) database and creates linked dbObjects for it. Why Pork.dbObject?Pork.dbObject was created initially because I

Mongo-java-orm - ORM Framework for Mongo and Java

MJORM (mongo-java-orm) - A MongoDB Java ORMThis project aims to provide an ORM for MongoDB and the Java programming language. The goals of this project are: Enable Object Relational Mapping between the MongoDB driver's DBObjects and POJOs Make it easier to write testable MongoDB data access code (the MongoDB driver provided by 10gen makes this difficult) Provide a higher level MongoDB API for common tasks such as Map\\Reduce Easily integrate with the Spring Framework Provide an XML based ORM map

Morphia - A type-safe java library for MongoDB

Morphia is a lightweight type-safe library for mapping Java objects to/from MongoDB: Easy to use, and very lightweight; reflection is used once per type and cached for good performance. Datastore and DAO<T,V> access abstractions, or roll your own... Type-safe, and Fluent Query support with (runtime) validation Annotations based mapping behavior; there are no XML files. Extensions: Validation (jsr303), and SLF4J Logging @Entity("employees")class Employee { @Id ObjectId id; // auto-generated, if n

Pork-generator - The complete code generator project for pork.dbObject the php active record ORM cla

You have found the code base for Php On Rails (kinda) Generator aka PORK.Generator If you download and run this project, you will see a list of all the databases in your connected MySql database. You can explore all the connections in the tables. If you have set up your database using primary auto increment keys and use these keys througout your database for links, it will recognize what type of relation you mean (1:1, many:1, 1:many, many:many) and you can instantly create classes and plugins f


A framework for PHP5 to automagically create classes that map your DB and also create methods to obtain related objects. Don't code a getter or setter again! Imagine this: $client =amp; Client::factory(4)... and without having to code the Client class.

Rpostgresql - Connecting R &amp; PostgreSQL using DBI

SynopisRPostgreSQL provides a DBI-compliant database connection from GNU R to PostgreSQL. Development of RPostgreSQL was supported via the Google Summer of Code 2008 program. The package is now available on the CRAN mirror network and can be installed via install.packages() from within R. A mailing list rpostgresql-dev@googlegroups.com is available at Google Groups as rpostgresql-dev; it is also mirrored at Gmane.org. Summary of basic usage1. dbDriver(drv, ...) instantiates the driver object. Eg

DB-Objects - Release history of DB-Objects

Release history of DB-Objects


Matching performance of Mongodb: BasicDBObject, Morphia, extension from ReflectionDBObject

DBObject - Class in java to interact with the database.

Class in java to interact with the database.