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A graphical design tool for building a database schema. Connects to several live databases (including Postgres, MySQL, Sybase and MS SQL Server) and uploads and downloads schemas. Generates and parses SQL and generates Java source code from the schema.




Related Projects

Designer 4 - visual database design system

DBDesigner 4 is a visual database design system that integrates database design, modeling, creation and maintenance into a single, seamless environment. It also provides support to reverse engineer the existing MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL and any ODBC databases and extracts the database model.

Taggable-mixin - A mixin class that adds taggability to Google AppEngine Model classes.

Taggable provides a Python mixin class that you can add to any class that already inherits from Google AppEngine's db.Model class. Tags are stored efficiently in a separate Model, and any number of Models can use Taggable simultaneously.

Appengine-mp - App Engine Model Plus: An experimental abstract model for Google App Engine

App Engine Model PlusApp Engine Model Plus is an abstract layer extends db.Model. What is it?It keeps the same comportment of db.Model but add a cache layer with memcached. It overrides several methods from db.Model to take it more efficient. App Engine Model Plus helps also to fine tune the comportment of your calls to the datastore. You can configure deadline, retries, and read policy easily. This project is really young and needs some efforts to test it. Please report any bugs or inconsistenc

Webapp-php - php web application framework

oop database model<?php// design modelclass Greeting extends db\\Model{ protected static $fields = array( 'name' => 'string(30) required', 'content' => 'text', 'created_at' => 'datetime' );}// create entry$greet = new Greeting(array('name'=>'someone', 'content'=>'How are you?'));$greet->put();// count entriesecho count(Greeting::all());// iterate query resultforeach (Greeting::all()->filter('created_at >=','2009-8-1') as $entry) { printf('<strong>%s</strong>: %s', $entry->name, $entry->content);

Gaeinjail - GAE In Jail

Python+Javascript libraries for quickly GAE developmentGAE in Jail aims to help you on building quickly Google App Engine application. The set of scripts were design to play on both sides (client/server) improving the way you integrate the model/controller (server side) and views (client side). It is not complete, and hope it never will. In other words, it will be always opened for new features, ideas and challenges. How to get involvedThis is only the starting of the project, and any help, idea

Database Modeling Excel

The utility is an Excel workbook for designing databases, supports MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server.

Spool - An odd sort of blog for Google AppEngine

For hosting a chattish group-blog-thing on Google's AppEngine hosting. It's based loosely on the structure of the now-defunct http://2lmc.org/spool/ — posts have the flavor of a chat-log, composed solely of comments, with no primacy given to the first one. I've put up a demo instance of the app for people to play with, it requires authentication to view to make it useless to spammers. It'd be interesting to make it available as a one-click install on Google Apps Domains when that becomes avail

Appengine-modelviz - Visualization of appengine data model

Analyzes modules for data models and draws diagram in graphviz dot format. Analogue of the tool modelviz/graph_models for django. Usage: put the script into appengine sdk run the script from your app directory: python path/to/modelviz.py module_names > models.dot convert .dot file into png (or whatever you like): dot models.dot -Tpng > models.png watch something like this: Script understands db.Model, db.Expando, db.polymodel.PolyModel subclasses, and recognize reference properties.

db_export - export for dbmodel

export for dbmodel