Database Migration tool.

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DBMigrator is a GUI tool that enables you to migrate structures, data and procedures between several databases with JDBC support.It provides a simple and intuitive interface for Database migration, mapping between different datatypes including LOBs types



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Viaboxx-dbmigrate - another dbmigrate plugin for grails based on agimatec-tools/dbmigrate

Integration of the agimatec-tools/dbmigrate library into a grails project in form of a grails plugin: install from official grails-plugin list grails install-plugin viaboxx-dbmigrateFor more information refer to the Wiki at Overview Let others benefit from your improvements. We enjoy your feedback. This plugin is an alternative for the dbmigrate-plugin by spullara. This plugin provides a way to integrate the agimatec-tools/dbmigrate framework into a gra

Agimatec-tools - Tools for java developers: code generation from annotations, sql and database tools

Agimatec-ToolsThe agimatec tools contain some stable utilities to enable generation of files, source code etc. from sql files and annotated java classes. The agimatec-dbmigrate tool is a database migration/script execution framework that can execute sql scripts, groovy scripts and provides a lot of features to assist in database schema migration. (tested with Oracle and Postgres, in production for several years) For more information refer to the Wiki at Overview Project maintained by Viaboxx Gmb

Xmlmigrate - use the database migration idea to migrate the XML

dbMigration from ruby community is a great tool to make developer think about the migration from the beginning of the project, which is a right think to do. XML is probably the most popular data type used in java community, however, there is nothing can help developer to do XML migration. The main feature of this project. Automatically backup the old XML Validate the old xml based on the old xsd before the processing started. Apply the new version XSD changes and migrate the old xml using XSLT.

Wikicloth-wiki - A Wiki app written in ruby built around the wikicloth plug-in

An example Wiki application for the WikiCloth plugin. This application is only intended as a demo, and therefore is not a complete implementation. Getting StartedDownload the latest version of this application. $ svn checkout wiki$ cd wiki/By default the application is configured for sqlite so all you have to do is run db:migrate. To use another database please edit config/database.yml before continuing with this step. $ rake db:migrateAt this poin

Yadsel - Yet Another Database Schema Evolution Library - a library (and tool) for database schema ev

This is the definetely new name of old dbmigrations project - renamed because already exists a project with that name. NOW WITH DJANGO SUPPORTDjango support includes a new driver, a command-line option for, a pluggable application and its history and log in the Admin. Details about YadselThe goal of this project is provide a library (and a tool) under the LGPL, writen with Python language for an object oriented and version based evolution of databases schema, independent of ORMs, opera

Thalie - Managers on rails

ThalieDescrptionThalie is a Ruby On Rails' project made by Epita student for testing this new tech. This Project permits to manage teams working on projects. SourcesThe sources of this project are on the svn. Thalie was developped on assembla, because that offer lots of tools. Go on Assembla to see it. Installationwget unrar x Thalile.rar cd Thalie export RAILS_ENV="production" rake db:create rake db:migrate ruby script/server -e production When the


migrate4j strives to be Java's answer to the db:migrate rake task in Rails. While it isn't a replacement or clone, it does provide simple configuration, flexibility and ease of use in a database migration tool.

Smooth-migration - Smooth Migration Plugin for Ruby on Rails

Smooth Migration PluginThe Smooth Migration plugin allows database migrations to continue running instead of aborting on failure. The rake db:migrate task will fail at the end of the migration instead of in the middle. This helps prevent getting stuck between migrations and needing to comment out code to continue migrating. RequirementsRails >= 1.2 InstallationThe traditional way: ruby script/plugin install Or with piston: piston

C5-db-migration - Java database migration and versioning framework inspired by Rails ActiveMigration

Latest Version: 0.9.9-m5 (check out the new check goal!) OverviewThe Carbon Five Database Migration framework and Maven plugin for Java provides a simple solution to the problem of managing discrete, incremental changes to databases over time across multiple environments. Each migration is versioned and tracked when applied to the database. Sensible defaults reduce the amount of necessary configuration, though the framework can be configured and extended. Before this google code page, this frame