Database Deployment Manager

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DBM is a Database Deployment Manager application. It provides an easy way of creating the initial database layout, and also features a diagram editor to visualize the relationship between tables. It also has a unique object oriented modelling feature



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Tokyo-python - Tokyo libraries Python interface

News2010-08-09: tokyo-python-0.7.0 released. See the release notes for more informations. About tokyo-pythontokyo-python is a set of Python interfaces to Mikio Hirabayashi's Tokyo libraries, it includes: tokyo.cabinet, an interface to Tokyo Cabinet tokyo.dbm, a dbm compatible interface to tokyo.cabinet tokyo.tyrant, an interface to Tokyo Tyrant tokyo.dystopia, an interface to Tokyo Dystopia Useful links: Latest release Documentation Mailing list Bug reports and feature requests tokyo-python's so

Tcerl - port of tokyocabinet to erlang, and tokyocabinet based erlang term store

tokyocabinet is a DBM style library which boasts excellent space and time efficiency. This project provides a low-level port of tokyocabinet to Erlang via a linked-in driver, which supports storage of binaries. It also provides a high level erlang term store interface which mimics dets very closely. The erlang term store can serve as an mnesia table via mnesiaex. Check out the ChangeLog. Another Dukes of Erl release.

Superlinks - Link directory/portal script

Project DescriptionA directory/portal script designed to allow a web site to offer a full-featured directory of resources/links similar to the Yahoo! search engine. It is completely customizable, easy to use and navigate, and is fully controlled by an integrated control panel. It includes a choice of DBM, MySQL, MSSQL, or Oracle backend. Project StatusOnce sold by organisations under the names Obsidian-Scripts and PlasmaPulse Solutions, SuperLinks is now provided for free under the GNU General P

Solinger Java Utilities Project

Solinger contains Java ports of useful C libraries. This includes a small/fast pure Java dbm (sdbm) and a Java password checker (CrackLib).

anygui - Generic GUI Module for Python

The purpose of this project is to create an easy-to-use, simple, and generic module for making graphical user interfaces in Python. The name is inspired by the standard Python module anydbm, which provides generic access to DBM-style databases.

Article2008a - Emergent properties and dominant processes

A project to publish an article about the application of DBM for identifying emergent properties and dominant processes.

Py-tcdb - A Python wrapper for Tokyo Cabinet database using ctypes

Tokyo Cabinet ( is a modern implementation of DBM database. Mikio Hirabayashi (the author of Tokyo Cabinet) describe the project as: Tokyo Cabinet is a library of routines for managing a database. The database is a simple data file containing records, each is a pair of a key and a value. Every key and value is serial bytes with variable length. Both binary data and character string can be used as a key and a value. There is neither concept of data tables nor data

Image-proxy - Torden's Image Handling features for Image service

Related Project Hash table DBM base on Memory Load balancer for Application Structure Flow Description아래ì�˜ 경우ì—� 본 오픈소스 활용ì�„ 할수 있습니다. 1) 외부로부터 ë˜�는 내부로 부터 ìƒ�성ë�œ ì�´ë¯¸ì§€ëŠ” 다양한 사ì�´ì¦ˆë¡œ 외부ì—� 제공하고 싶ì�„ë•Œ. 2) 외부업체ë¡

Yslinpythonexample - all python I have meet and written

Table of ContentTo-Do : Programming Python, Fourth Edition The Python Tutorial Python standard library Table of ContentIntroductionTypes3.1.1. Numbers3.1.2. Strings3.1.3. Unicode Strings3.1.4. Lists5.1.1. Using Lists as Stacks5.1.2. Using Lists as Queues5.1.3. Functional Programming Tools5.1.4. List Comprehensions5.1.5. Nested List Comprehensions5.2. The del statement5.3. Tuples a

Arduino-telematic-box - Telematic box for racing boats

This project dedicated data logger systems using embedding devises such as Arduino, AVR, ARM7 (9,11). The sensors using in this project are 10 Hz GPS module, G-Sensor ( 3-axis accelerometer), RPM module, CHT temperature sensor and may be 3 axis gyro and lap timer. For data logger 64-256 Mbit flash memory ans SD card. For communication with PC based system XBee module. ARDUINO MEGA1280 Summary: Microcontroller: ATmega1280 Operating Voltage: 5V Recommended Input Voltage: 7-1