DBLIB - DataBase and form LIBrary

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Database and form library in PHP. It is destined to simply and quickly create administrative interface to a database (e.g., an admin system for your internet shop). Yet, its object model is very flexible.




Related Projects

Milowski-dblib - A simple database library for Java

A simple database library for Java that provides connection pooling and statement caching.

Rss-reader-on-gears - A Simple Yet Powerful Rss Reader Using Google Gears

This is a simple yet powerful Rss reader using Google Gears. There are many out there and I am not saying this is very very different from them, but this one makes use of some systematic coding using some already written libraries that makes development easier. eg: Jquery is used for all DOM/Ajax stuff, jFeed is using for parsing feeds super easily, gears-dblib is used for google gears db abstraction, gearsadmin (flex based sqlite admin) is used for GUI version of google gears sqlite db.

Python-database-interface - Implementation of cursor and connection object based on osql, sqlcmd.exe

This DBI implements the Cursor and Connection objects. It is functional: you can create connections, cursors, do fetchone, fetchall, get rowcount, etc. It uses osql or SQL2005's sqlcmd instead of ODBC or ADO. There is a good sized section with examples to get you started. The SQL2005 support is new, showing improved execution speed for SQL2005's sqlcmd.exe, even when accessing SQL2000 databases.

Gears-dblib - A simple abstraction on top of the Database object in Gears

Allow db users to use objects as much as possible, and simplify the API where possible. var db = new GearsDB('gears-test'); var bob = {id: 3, name: 'Bob', url: 'http://bob.com', description: 'whee'}; db.insertRow('person', bob); db.insertRow('person', bob, 'name = ?', ['Bob']); db.selectAll('select * from person', null, function(person) { document.getElementById('selectAll').innerHTML += ' ' + person.name; }); db.selectRows('person', 'name like ?', ['%'], function(person) { document.getElementBy

Bug-db - Desktop BugDB Client

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Arduino-dblib - Database library for Arduino EEPROM

Here's a little database library I created that has been very useful for me, so I thought I would share. It makes use of the Arduino's EEPROM memory to store records in a table. I kept it simple to keep it small. You will have to spin your own locate and other functions like validation. How to use in a nutshell: include Db.h and EEPROM.h declare an instance of DB, db define a structure for your records pick an address in EEPROM for the table to start make a little sketch that creates the table b

dbgui_dblib - Release history of dbgui_dblib

Release history of dbgui_dblib

freetds - Free implementation of Sybase's db-lib

Free implementation of Sybase's db-lib

PDODblibBundle - PDO DBlib Bundle for Symfony2

PDO DBlib Bundle for Symfony2

PDODblibBundle - PDO DBlib Bundle for Symfony2

PDO DBlib Bundle for Symfony2