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DBIx::Connect is a Perl module module which facilitates configuration and creation of Perl DBI , DBIx::AnyDBD , or Alzabo -style database connections via configuration files and/or command-line arguments.




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Perl-dbix-ha - Database High Availability module for Perl DBI

SummaryDBIx::HA is a High Availability module for Perl's DBI (Database Interface). FeaturesFeatures of DBIx::HA are: multiple cascading failovers timeouts configurable retries callback function inter-process automatic failover under mod_perl ImplementationDBIx::HA was designed primarily for reliability and speed. Functionality that would compromise speed was not considered. It is implemented by overloading the DBI connect, prepare and execute methods and can be seamlessly used without code modif

Puzzle-cpan - A complex framework for built website

Puzzle is a web framework based on HTML::Mason, HTML::Template::Pro with direct support to dabatase connection via DBIx::Class. It include a template system, a session user tracking and a simple authentication and authorization login access for users with groups and privileges.

Salecontrol - CRM application, contact management, sales reports and more

What is Sale Control Features Requirements Installation Documentation Demo Forum What is Sale ControlSale Control is Customer relationship management Software (CRM). This is a recognised strategy for managing and maintaining a company's clients and sales prospects. Sale Control includes features such as Appointment Organiser, Reporting Tools, Integration with Outlook, and other client management features. Sale Control app runs on Windows,Linux and Mac OS and requires minimal resources. FeaturesP

Dbix-timeout - DBIx::Timeout - Perl module which provides safe timeouts for DBI calls

This module provides a safe method of timing out DBI requests. Anunsafe method is described in the DBI docs:http://search.cpan.org/~timb/DBI/DBI.pm#Signal_Handling_and_Canceling_OperationsThe problem with using POSIX sigaction() (the method described above)is that it relies on unsafe signals to work. Unsafe signals are wellknown to cause instability. To understand why, imagine the DB clientcode is in the middle of updating some global state when the signalarrives. That global state could be left

Omnisql - Issue simultaneous queries against multiple MySQL databases

NO LONGER UNDER ACTIVE DEVELOPMENThttp://code.google.com/p/shard-query/ is the preferred (and actively maintained) tool for accomplishing this goalomnisql is a command line tool for DBAs needing to issue ad-hoc queries against sharded data. Instead of logging in separately to multiple databases to issue the same query, groups of databases can be specified in a configuration file and queries will be automatically issued against all MySQL instances. System RequirementsRequired perl Modules: Pod::U

DBIx-Connect - Release history of DBIx-Connect

Release history of DBIx-Connect

DBIx-Connection - Release history of DBIx-Connection

Release history of DBIx-Connection

DBIx-CheckConnectivity - Release history of DBIx-CheckConnectivity

Release history of DBIx-CheckConnectivity

DBIx-Class-Schema-Config - Manage connection credentials for DBIx::Class::Schema

Manage connection credentials for DBIx::Class::Schema

DBIx-Pool - pool of DBI connections

pool of DBI connections