PHP debugger DBG

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DBG is a full-featured PHP Debugger and Profiler. Makes it easier to find problems or bugs in PHP scripts. DBG supports back-tracking, watching variables, viewing arguments passed to all nested function calls at any point of execution. Opensource.



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Arduino-library-dbg - A small/simple Arduino serial logging library with printf syntax

A small library for logging printf style formatted data to any of the available HardwareSerial ports on an arduino board. Installation: Copy the Dbg/ directory and all contents to your Arduino/libraries/ directory On Mac OSX this is ~/Documents/Arduino/libraries On other systems its the directory containing your sketches You may need to create the libraries/ subdirectory if it does not exist Restart Arduino IDE to pick up new libraries Simple usage: #include <Dbg.h>int port = 1; // 1 = Serial, [

Pyudd - a python module to manage OllyDbg .UDD files

PyUdd is a python module to manage (read/write) OllyDbg .UDD files. .UDD is the file format that OllyDbg uses to store information, like analysis, breakpoints, comments... It's automatically generated whenever you open a file in OllyDbg. a simple script (uddtool) is included, for easy access to standard uses: export comments, labels, MRUs... from a .UDD (ex: you spent a long time on the same executable in OllyDbg, and you want to backup the information you entered) imports comments and labels (e

Flash-debugger - Original java based cross platform Flash debugger.

flash-debugger/* Author: Author blog: Project hosted at: Flash Debugger was created for my own Flash projects. At that time nothing like this was available. Its a simple cross platform tool and does its purpose well. Few years back this utility was available for download from my own server for free but then my server down and I forgot all about it. Hopefully it will stay here for long time on Go


While waiting of OllyDbg2 to come out I've decided to develop a new version of OllyScript. This time the plugin will be based on an existing technology, a scripting language called Lua.

Map2dbg - Converts .map files (Delphi, CBuilder) to Microsoft .dbg files. Also .tds to .pdb conversi

Map2Dbg is a mall tool to convert a .map file to a .dbg file. A map file is a Borland/Codegear debug file, created by Delphi and C++Builder. However, it is not compatible with Microsoft's debug file format (.dbg), so it cannot be used with Microsoft debug tools (windbg.exe for example). Map2dbg is originally created by Lucian Wischik: A small fix is made to his version to make it compatible with newer .map files (Delphi and C++Builder 2006 - 2009). It is als

Bfcrypt-scanner - Open source crypto scanner

There are several existing crypto scanners, but they are all for Windows, and are closed source: PEiD with the Krypto Analyzer (KANAL) plugin IDA Pro with the Findcrypt plugin OllyDbg with the SnD Crypto Scanner x3chun's Crypto Searcher Keygener Assistant Hash & Crypto Detector (HCD) Draft Crypto Analyzer (DRACA) As I needed a tool for analyzing firmware images under Linux, I've started coding my own, called bfcrypt and available under the GPLv2 license.

Google-gears-firefox-linux-64bit - Google Gears Addon for FireFox on Linux 64bit

this is the build of Google Gears Addon for FireFox 3.5+ on Linux 64bit it will be updated as it's possible to the latest build. latest build ( 08-01-2010 ):

Ess-tracebug - Tracing and debugging R code in ESS.

An emacs package for interactive debugging and error tracing for ESS. Ess-tracebug is now part of ESS SVN and the documentation below refers to this version. Ess-tracebug in this google.code repository works with version 5.14 or earlier of ESS and is incompatible with ESS SVN, ActivationManual Installation for Version 5.14 or lower of ESSNote on KeysCheat sheetError TracingNavigationTraceback BufferVisual DebuggerBreakpointsConditional BreakpointsLoggersDebuggingFlag/Unflag for DebuggingWatch Wi

Kylin-2 - kernel of the kylin-2.x

There are the whole kernel source codes of kylin-2.x. kylin-2.x kernels (luvalley & luvalley.dbg in sys/luvalley DIRECTORY) can be built by GCC-3.x+ compiler for x86 in Linux. (see FOO& files,use freebsd kernel build methods)

Corkami - reverse engineering experiments and documentations

about Corkami graphicsGraphics and cheat sheets, useful for daily reference, or training: PE 101 - a windows executable walkthrough Opcodes' tables of Java, .Net, Android, x86 - as either compact single-page cheat sheets, or full descriptive posters. Opcodes (x86 & x64 simplified tables, one-liners) packers (models, categories & features, landscape, detailed features, entrypoints, algorithms) PE file format (file & memory layout, headers, data directories) anti-debugs presentationsx86 & PE: firs