Database Filesystem

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The DBFS project implements a filesystem paradigm to the storage of objects in a database. The primary development language is Visual Basic .NET.



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My-stuff - MyStuff - Store Stuff!

MyStuff is a metadata-based repository for all types of files.It has been my pet project for the past few years and keeps being rewritten. The current implementation (which I will probably keep) is in C#.It is designed to be used on any operating system with any filesystem (which has sufficiently long filenames - e.g. not FAT16) and it should be trivial to code a new GUI or use the CLI. Primary development is proceeding on Linux with a GTK+ interface.

Cumberland - A .Net mapping framework

Cumberland is a mapping framework for .Net. It also includes a set of mapping tools that may be useful for people besides .NET developers. NewsJuly 28, 2009 - 0.4.2 released! Mar. 5, 2009 - 0.4.1 released to fix issue #8 Feb. 28, 2009 - 0.4 has been released (notes) Feb. 10, 2009 - I created a google group if you have questions, ideas, etc. Feb. 6, 2009 - I have blogged about simple map creation with xml schema and Visual Studio. January 22, 2009 - Cumberland 0.3 is released! Read the release no

Sfcompound - com#

a set of max/msp patches for controlling the ambisonics max/msp surround sound panning codec with a wiimote. three different speaker coordinate maps are provided: a 16-ch arrangment, a 6-ch arrangement, and a quadraphonic arrangement. so far, two different panning algorithms have been developed: fling, which allows a source to be thrown in a horizontal circular pattern across speaker coordinates with an adjustable decay rate; and randocron, which instantaneously changes a source's horizontal coo

Gmod-dbsf - GMOD Drupal Bioinformatics Server Framework

The genes4all and Drupal Bioinformatics Server Framework (DBSF) are a set of routines for building bioinformatic tools for the Drupal Content Management System ( This project is tightly integrated with GMOD ( and utilized the Chado database schema. It is freely available as GPLv3 Gesnes4all is an API for Drupal bioinformatic tools. DBSF is the module for deploying command line software. Out of the box, a BLAST, IprScan, annot8r and SSAHA2 servers are availa

Mudita24 - improved envy24control: ALSA GTK+ GUI control tool for Envy24 (ice1712) soundcards

Mudita24 - Control Panel for Ice1712 Audio Cards Mudita24 is a modification of the Linux alsa-tools' envy24control(1): an application controlling the digital mixer, channel gains and other hardware settings for sound cards based on the VIA Ice1712 chipset aka Envy24. Unlike most ALSA mixer controls, this application displays a level meter for each input and output channel and maintains peak level indicators. This is based on Envy24's hardware peak metering feature. Mudita24 provides alternate na

Ruby-DBFS - DBFS project (MI-RUB)

DBFS project (MI-RUB)

census2dbf - Convert US Census CSV files into DBFs

Convert US Census CSV files into DBFs

artifactory-analyzer - Set of Ruby scripts to analyze Artifactory DB/FS consistency

Set of Ruby scripts to analyze Artifactory DB/FS consistency

dbfs - A proof-of-concept of a database-backed filesystem.

A proof-of-concept of a database-backed filesystem.


a Pyfilesystem extension module for read-write access to a SQL database via a custom filesystem.