DBConnect API

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DBConnect API is an easy to use C++ object API to allow applications to connect to DBMS. The API currently implements msql, MySQL, Oracle8, ODBC and PostGreSQL drivers in the Unix environments and MySQL, Oracle8 and ODBC in the Windows environment.




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IntroductionThis is a common DaoHelper for multiple purposes on java apps. I provide a DBConnection class too, that provides the connection with the database. It is required the correct driver to do that, i.e: mysql connector --- Usage1) Create a Java application project. 2) Add DaoHelper.java and DBConnection.java 3) Customize DBConnection.java with your db connection data. 4) From any class you could do this... try{ QueryParameters params = new QueryParameters() { public void setParameters(Pre


Extremely simple yet powerful ORM that extends DbConnection and DbTransaction. With IvyORM boilerplate code is reduced while keeping SQL a first class citizen.

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WTF is Pork.dbObject?It's an Object-Relation mapper for PHP 5 that attempts to be easy, fast, lightweight, uses optimized database queries and provides an easy Find() function very loosely based on rails'. Also, it has an automatic database analyzer and code generator: Pork.Generator: A PHP5 based database analyzer that automatically sees the different types of relations in your (MySQL) database and creates linked dbObjects for it. Why Pork.dbObject?Pork.dbObject was created initially because I

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Simple - Easy - Powerful XmlBlackBox is a Java framework that enable to describe a test case in Xml. All generic steps are described by the framework (db content check, xml file content check, Selenium navigation, ...), other special needs can be solved with plugins. Plugins are simple Java classes that extend an interface. In this way every step of each test case is described in Xml and its flow is easy to follow. ...<!-- Example to do a selenium navigation --><SELENIUM version="1.1" name="Exam

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Javascript-language shell around the Apache Cassandra key-value store. Features:Range/slices queries in one get() method Data insertion Basic metadata support Supports Cassandra 0.5 What's missing:Deleting data Cassandra 0.6 API support Batch inserts Support for non-string datatypes (as best as it can) Exposing the column timestamp Row queries as lists to maintain key order Getting StartedDownload the latest version of the pre-built shell and run it from the command-line. It will automatically c

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Пишу по-руÑ�Ñ�ки, чтобы вÑ�е прочли: Проект заморожен Тюлиным, потому что он предÑ�тавлÑ�ет опаÑ�ноÑ�Ñ‚ÑŒ целоÑ�тноÑ�ти багДБ. Прошу вÑ�ех заинтереÑ�овавшихÑ�Ñ� выÑ�казать в комментах к Ñ�той Ñ�траничке Ñ�вое мнение. Думаю еÑ�ли 5-10 человек, Ñ�кажет, что им прожка интереÑ�на, и что Ñ�тандартный вÐ

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Note: This project is not longer supported. All the features of it will be moved to my fork of the JUnit project at https://github.com/hsanchez/junit. Thanks. Remember JUnitPerf? If you do, you may find these extensions useful. These extensions were built to bring something similar to JUnitPerf into the JUnit 4.5 framework. These extensions provide the following: a different approach for ignoring tests: any test that doesn't meet a programmatically defined condition won't be executed. The evalua

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Com o Sql on Flex você poderá executar sqls diretamente pelo Flex, sem a necessidade de escrever código em outra linguagem. O Sql on Flex utiliza o mínimo de linguagem de servidor possível. É utilizado o AMFPHP para executar a sql e retornado um array ao Flex. Exemplo: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute"> \t <script> <![CDATA[ \t\t\t \t\t\t private var conn:dbConnection = new dbConnection(); \t\t\t private funct

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QT Cocoon is an open source XML Publishing framework. It's modelled after Cocoon (java)/ Popoon (php) and is completely written in C++ and QT. Write XML pipelines to generate documents or report from ODBC or any sql driver supported by QT. to connect on Database on top from sitemap you write. <map:components> <map:scheme name="dbconnect" path="mysql://user:pass@localhost/DatabaseName/ConnectionName" type="yes" /> <map:scheme name="dbconnect" path="mysql://user:pass@localhost:3306/DatabaseName2/C

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DBConnector : MySQL Java Database Programming시 보다 간편하게 mysql과 연�할 수 있�� 합니다. DBConnector� 기본�� 기능과 관련� 소스 코드입니다. DBConnection Database = new DBConnection();Database.ConnectDB(DBName, User_Id, User_Pw); //DB와 연결Database.FindByResultSet("Table"); // 지정한 테�블� 정�합니다.while(Database.getResultIndex()){ // 위�서 정�한 테�블� index� 다� 값(hasNext)가 있는지 확�합니다. String