Database Commander

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Database commander is a database manager with user-friendly interface for Windows operation system. Programming language: C# Operation system: Windows 98/2000/XP Dependencies: Microsoft .Net Framework, OLE DB



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Psdb - Execute database commands from Powershell

psdb is a module written in PowerShell V2 CTP 3 that allows you to invoke database commands against a database. It uses ADO.NET's DbProviderFactory class to enable access to different types of databases. Installation Instructions: Create a folder called psdb in your powershell modules folder - this can be either in your my documents\\windowspowershell\\modules folder or in the powershell machine-level folder $pshome\\modules. Copy the psdb.psm1 file to the psdb folder you just created. Run the c

Simple-database - Simple Database

A Simple .Net Database Library based on IQToolkit. SimpleDatabase uses SimpleMapping, which extends BasicMapping of IQToolkit, and follows Convention over configuration concept. If your class name (entity name) and property/field name are matched with table name and column names, no mapping required. If they are not matched, you can use simple Attributes to make mapping. Samples: \t//entity samples\tusing (Db db = Northwind.GetDb())\t{\t //insert \t using (DbTransactionInfo tr = db.BeginTransact

FluentCommand - Fluent Wrapper for DbCommand

Fluent Wrapper for DbCommand

DataCommon - Common data abstractions such as DbConnection and DbCommand.

Common data abstractions such as DbConnection and DbCommand.