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This is an experiment in creating the best database API I can come up with. It is an alternative to query languages. The latest version is being written in Scala using Berkeley DB Java and will run on the Java VM.




Related Projects

Python Interface to PostgreSQL

A Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to a PostgreSQL (v7.0 and later) database

Dbwrap - a convenience wrapper around DB-API connections

dbwrap creates a convenient wrapper around Python DB-API connections, making dealing with SQL easier.

Py-bpgsql - Barebones PostgreSQL Driver written purely in Python

Mostly DB-API 2.0 (PEP 249) compliant. Includes an experimental Django 1.0 backend.

Acute-dbapi - Python DBAPI compliance test suite

Welcome to the home page for acute-dbapi, a DB-API compliance test suite. Acute is still in it's infancy, but it's reached the level of maturity that it would benefit from community input. It currently contains 71 tests, and many more will be added soon. Comments, suggestions, and patches are all warmly welcome. There are several TODOs listed in the TODO file, and many more generously sprinkled throughout the code; if you'd like to help out but don't know where to begin, feel free to take a crac

Pymssql - A fast MS SQL Server client library for Python directly using C API instead of ODBC. It is

Introductionpymssql is the Python language extension module that provides access to Microsoft SQL Servers from Python scripts. It is compliant with Python DB-API 2.0 Specification and works on most popular operating systems. The pymssql package consists of two modules: pymssql -- use it if you care about DB-API compliance, or if you are accustomed to DB-API syntax, _mssql -- use it if you care about performance and ease of use (_mssql module is easier to use than pymssql). Project DiscussionDisc

Ocpgdb - A simple Python DB-API 2 adapter for PostgreSQL

ocpgdb is a Python DB-API 2 (aka pep-0249) adapter for PostgreSQL. The code is simple, modular and extensible, with most of the intelligence implemented in Python with only a small C wrapper around libpq. The module is used in several production systems, and while there is little documentation at this stage, most things work as described in pep-0249. Unlike most Python PG adapters, this module uses the newer binary PG protocol 3 - in many cases this protocol is faster and safer, although the pro

Pymysql - Pure Python MySQL client

Note: this project has now moved to Github. Please visit: https://github.com/petehunt/PyMySQL/

django-pipes module offers an abstraction layer over remote JSON data for Django apps.

django-pipes offers a nice API to access remote JSON resources from within your Django applications. The API is intentionally kept as close as possible to the Django DB-API. So accessing data from a remote JSON API should feel just like an attempt to fetch the data from a database. It is inspired by Ruby on Rails' ActiveResource library. Source codeSource code is available at GitHub. TutorialCheck out the tutorial at GitHub.

Pyspatialite - Python dbapi2 compliant driver for SQLite + Spatialite

Based almost entirely on pysqlite, this module primarily does one thing different: it build's it's own copy of sqlite with spatialite built in. It should be easy to to integrate into SQLAlchemy, and can be used as a drop in replacement for pysqlite anywhere - it just has some extra SQL functions. libgeos, libgeos_c, and libproj are required to build currently. sets include and lib paths (if not standard) in setup.cfg For OS X, get the GEOS and PROJ Frameworks from http://www.kyngchaos.com/softwa


PyDal is a pure Python database abstraction layer. It provides a DBAPI 2.0 wrapper for DBAPI 2.0 drivers. Sounds strange, but even drivers that fully conform to the API can differ enough to make building database independent applications difficult.