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Very Lightweight Data Access Layer




Related Projects

NoRM is a MongoDB driver for .Net

NoRM is a .Net library for connecting to the document-oriented database, MongoDB.

Mongodb-CSharp - C# driver to connect MongoDB

This is a driver to connect to MongoDB using .Net. It is written entirely in C# and has been tested and developed under both Windows and Mono 2.0 (Ubuntu 32-bit 9.04). Currently many features have been implemented with a few remaining. The api is very likely to change and be in flux for a while but is quickly settling down.


MyXML-PHortal is'n acronym of MySQL, XML, PHP and Portal. The project has as goal to develop a Web-Portal-System which is based on open standards like XML/XSL (presentation layer) or on php-features like sessions or the quick DB-access (DataAccess layer)

Miado - Much-Improved ADO.Net

Miado is a data-access layer with an intuitive and easy to use API which wraps around and improves upon the usage of straight ADO.Net code.

Mysql-dataaccess - DataAccess Component for MySQL Database in C#.Net

MySQL DataAccess using C#.NETPlease see wiki - TestingInstructions for testing instructions. You will need to download and install MySQL Connector available at http://www.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/ for this project to compile and run. mysql-dataaccess is a simple and open source data access layer used to provide all database handling functionality with the MySQL Database. Please feel free to download and extend as needed. A Simple Data Access Layer for MySQL Database in C#.Net Open Sourc

Fathibernation - A light wrapper-library for Nhibernate.

Lightweight wrapper for Nhibernate. Will add a more thurough description later.


OOP Data Access Layer for .net 2.0

All .NET Samples for web and forums

All .NET examples used to explain answers on the web and on the Microsoft forums.

MdX Client Adapter

Provides a DbConnectionFactory compliant adapter for the ADOMDX client library.

Messio - Flexible and strong Framework to build web application, web page and powerful system on Int

Messio is a framework, a set of methodology, library and concept to make developer create web application easily. Messio DataAccess support ORM with any DBMS(vesion above 2.0) and LINQ to any (DBMS) SQL (version 3.5)