DBAbstract Middleware Database Server

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The DBAbstract Server is a middleware database server solution written entirely in Java. It provides connection to any type of database implementation through one JDBC partially complient driver, client-server encryption and connection pooling.




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Dbabstracter4php - web framework with portable, configurable database abstraction engine

See the various READMEs in the Source section. This has grown somewhat from being a generic library for connecting mysql databases. frame/db now contains the descendants of the original db interface code. The rest of the framework fleshes this out with a fairly easy to understand web development abstracter / prototyping toolkit.

Web2bb-php52 - Enhanced Web2bb Framework for PHP 5.2.x

web2bb is original work by Kevin Waterson distributed under the new BSD license from this website: http://chopwoodfetchwater.com/ WEB2BB is an ultra light, ultra fast, and freely available MVC written in PHP. It does not try to be all things to all people, nor does it even care what other frameworks do. It just provides a simple and easy to use framework for PHP projects. Original framework requires PHP 5.3 and uses namespaces. My version is ported to work in PHP 5.2.x and enhanced in several wa


A Database abstraction class which implements an interface. Abstract your pdo, mysqli class with this functionality making later database changes easy