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db2xml is a java2-swing application that permit to import from any type of database (local and online) one or all tables contains, to XML data file in local (1 XML file per tables). All you need, is a native driver (ODBC driver already included in JRE)



Related Projects


Sphinix is free open-source SQL full-text search engine. How do you implement full-text search for that 10+ million row table, keep up with the load, and stay relevant? Sphinx is good at those kinds of riddles.

DocBook to LaTeX Publishing

DocBook to LaTeX Publishing transforms your SGML/XML DocBook documents to DVI, PostScript or PDF by translating them in pure LaTeX as a first process. MathML 2.0 markups are supported too. It started as a clone of DB2LaTeX.

Db2Xml structure generator with Xsl

Generates XML containing database tables structure and allows easy XSLT sheet application using the gui interface

Mini Library

MiniLib is library for Free Pascal 2 and Delphi 7 and Lazarus, for small projects, MiniXML (load and save xml files and parsing with RTTI) and MiniSockets (TCP/IP objects), DB (SQLite), ComPort, POS and Lazarus native components.

PEAR Framework - reusable PHP components

PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. It has all categories of components from DB access, security, xml parsing, encryption etc.

playSMS - PHP based SMS Gateway

playSMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and group communication tools.

Tunes2db - Transfer from iTunes library (.xml) into database tables and other formats

Java application that reads an iTunes .xml-Export and transforms the information into other formats.Done:* maven build* parsing of the itunes .xml file (sax parser)* export into Derby/java-db* simple statisticsTodo:* gui* export into Oracle-db* statistics/reports--Requirements: J2SDK 5.0, maven2

Db2rst - simple and limited DocBook to reStructuredText translator script tries to convert DocBook XML to reST (with Sphinx markup enhancements). I wrote it to convert fityk manual, it doesn't handle all DocBook elements, only the ones I needed. The script should be easy to understand and modify. Let me know if you improve it (gmail: wojdyr). lxml library is used for parsing DocBook XML. Here is a fork of this script:


dbXML is a Native XML Database (NXD). NXDs are databases that store XML using an internalized format for faster overall processing. dbXML was developed using the Java 2 Standard Edition version 1.4.

Iocerco - A structural ranking for approximated xquery-xpath full-text queries

This library provides a Xquery-Xpath full-text syntax extension for berkeley db xml using xapian db as IR engine. The IR lookup can be made in two different ways: 1) The standard one, that looks for information hidden in non-structured well-specified nodes 2) An approximated way that scans all the nodes in the database and provides the user the threshold of proximity to the target node and check for the full-text constraints satisfaction. Next step will introduce a native xml-IR engine (like eXi