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OleDb,Sql Server,Sqlite,....to excel, from sql




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Xls2db - need to be completed

A tool can be used to transfer data from MS Excel to a variety of databases

Jrexportcmd - JasperReport Export Command Line Tool

Herramienta de línea de comandos desarrollada en Java con las librerías de JasperReport entre otras, para generar aquellos reportes en formato PDF, XLS, DOC, etc... estos son creados con la herramienta de diseño iReport. Esta solución es ideal en proyectos WEB medianos con reportes simples y complejos. Y nos olvidamos de implementar servicios robustos y complejos. Queremos hacer todo mas sencillo. MotivaciónDebido a que el servicio JasperServer CE posee algunas limitaciones que se han perci

Citrixrmsreport - Citrix Summary DB exporter.

Project aim is to create a tool that can export data or report that Citrix Management Console's basic report lacks. Program currently allows user to select multiple servers and extract data all at once. Program Prerequisite MS Excel (Version 11, AKA Excel 2003) must be installed on the local system to generate the report It does not work with Excel 2007 (v12.0) .Net Framework 2.0 (Thinking of moving to .net3.x for wpf..) Current VersionVersion 1 Limits and way it works. use app.config to connect

Essbaserightlog - Bring your Essbase logs to another dimension

DescriptionThe EssbaseRightLog PERL script parse ANY Oracle Hyperion Essbase® v.5 - v.11.1.1 server or application logs and generates a full, custom delimited, output for enhanced analysis (database, spreadsheet). EssbaseRightLog is intended to help Essbase® and Planning® database administrators and developers. Any Essbase® generated log may be parsed whatever the delimiter defined in Essbase.cfg config file (please refer to DELIMITEDMSG TRUE, DELIMITER in Oracle’s Essbase® Technical Refe

Mypomodoro - Pomodoro Time Management Software

About myPomodoro myPomodoro is a time management tool based upon the time management technique called the Pomodoro Technique® by Francesco Cirillo. The objectives of this software are to automate all the materials and methods used in the Pomodoro Technique®, which are otherwise preformed manually. myPomodoro is fully compliant with the latest specifications of the Pomodoro Technique® (version 1.3). myPomodoro was developed with Java, SQLite, XML, and HTML. The GUI was built using the Java Swi

Exportmysql2excel - Export MySQL data records to an Excel file in one PHP file

Tutorial requires 1 PHP file and 1 table of mySQL database. export_excel.php 2. Database "tutorial" and table "name_list" with 2 fields: id(auto_increment), name(varchar, 50) and put some records about 20 - 30 records into this table. (directly by phpMyAdmin) <? // Connect database. mysql_connect("localhost","",""); mysql_select_db("tutorial"); // Get data records from table. $result=mysql_query("select from name_list order by id asc"); // Functions for export to excel. function xlsBOF() { echo

DB2/400 to Excel via POI

Convert DB2/400 Table data into Excel Spreadsheet via POI. XLDFT is where you setup your default information. XLCRT generates XLS files. XLMAINT allows you to enter custom headings for a file.

D-query - A General Database Query Tool

dQuery is a general database query tool like the Microsoft Query. It provide a general query function and some extra ability such like export to Excel (not save as excel files), export to HTML, XML ... Another feature is that it use the ADO technology. Features: Ability to call excel Save to XLS, CSV, TXT, HTML ability Multi-column sort Find Screen Shot: Version History: beta 1. Add serial no. in the 1st field of Grid. (Use the event TDBAdvStringGrid.dbGridGetDisplText ) beta 1

Sagacity - SAGACITY(�智)JavaEE Enterprise Information Solution

sagacity项目是由zhongxuchen通过多年的项目实践总结,为了能给程�员�天从��的coding时间中节�出一点用�锻炼自己的身体或放�一下心情而倡导的一个开�项目,�时也是为了实现zhongxuchen多年�的一个�念和境界:lazyworker� sagacity是针对java平�下的�业信�化开�建设综�技术解决方案,整个平�将包括三个��组�部分: 1�sagacity-core:sagacity核心代�库: �供基于主

Stealanalyze - 花园农夫��分�助手

花园农夫��分�助手 ◆软件说明: VS.Net2008 C# 写的�程�; ◆软件功能 (1) 分�并统计花园农夫�天��详情,��物�和��金�等信�; (2) 分�历���记录并以曲线图显示出�; (3) 显示农田状�和牧场状�; ◆使用方法: 方法一: 直接把程�解压放到您的 花园农夫 目录下�行��. 方法二: 放到独立目录下,然�在软件上设置农夫所在目录,�管�多个农夫 [注] 本程�需�.net