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DB2RDF is a a software tool that will convert data from relational data model to semantic data model (in the form of RDF and RDFS). A SPARQL endpoint for querying the converted data. For querying the semantic data, SPARQL query language is used.




Related Projects

Flyingfish - mapper RDF data (Redland) to Python classes

flyingfishThis project about:Python language RDF-databases (Redland) mapping RDF data to Python classes Flyingfish is written and tested as a part of Django-based site, used in ExtMem.com project. FunctionalityThe lib binds Redland (RDF triple storage) to hi-level python classes. Current version is typeless and doesn't care about RDF-schema. more detailed example and some docs will follow from flyingfish.client import RDFconnection#to inticialize DB run once with startnew=Trueconnection = RDFcon

Acts-as-feeder - Acts as feeder is a plugin that generates a feed aggregator in Ruby on Rails.

URGENTPlease update your plugin version. I was make several changes to make work better. Thanks. Features:Creates tables to store data feeds Provides templates for: Add/delete/update_entries feed, show entries by feeds, list feeds. Support RSS 0.9, RSS1.0 , RSS2.0 and ATOM REQUIRE: open-uri feed-normalizer hpricot Current Version: 0.1HOW TO USE 07/26/07Generator: script/generate feeder rake db:migrate (To create the tables) Class Mehods: is_feed? (url , option = :only_verify) option: :feed_url (

Jsonovich - Pretty-prints JSON content in the Firefox family of browsers for easy, unobtrusive viewi

JSONovich Pretty-prints JSON content in the Firefox family of browsers for easy, unobtrusive viewing. JSONovich is a Firefox (and SeaMonkey) extension that pretty-prints JSON content of various types directly in a browser tab. It uses the browser's native JSON parser and a custom-built formatter to produce its output. Normally, Firefox would either prompt to download or display as plain text any JSON sent with the correct application/json mime-type. JSONovich makes working with and debugging out

Django-reports - A django app to build reports for your django content through the web

A django application to build flexible, extensible reports through the web or as part of your views. This project has been started due to interest on the django-users mailing list and very much subscribes to the "release early and often" philosophy. It is definitely not production ready, but this is an app that I think that users of django could benefit from, especially for those who are interfacing with legacy databases or in some sort of enterprise setting. The idea is a central register which

Tcga2sparql - Exposing the Cancer Genome Atlas as a SPARQL endpoint

This project aims to provide an interface for the contruction of SPARQL queries that are executed by a serialization engine.

Tcga2s3db - An infrastructure to exposes data from The Cancer Genome Atlas as a SPARQL endpoint.

TCGA2S3DB is an infrastructure that exposes data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) using Semantic Web Formalisms, specifically, as a SPARQL endpoint. Experimental data, such as the one being generated by the TCGA project, is often intrinsically complex and very heterogeneous. For that reason, it is challenging to develop bioinformatics applications to analyse such data, as that would require first downloading bulky archives and parse various datasets before the critical co-variates are availab

Induslearningframework - Learning from massive datasets using Sufficient Statistics

Indus Learning Framework(ILF)The indus learning framework is a suite of machine learning algorithms that learn from datasets using sufficient statistics. This framework is particularly useful in the following scenarios: When the data set is huge and the it cannot be fit into memory (e.g arff file is huge and weka runs out of memory) When access to underlying data instances is not available (due to considerations such as security or cost) but the datasource provides an endpoint or an querying int

Rssowlspm - RSSOwl SPM

Important note: This is not the official site of the original RSSOwl development, nor are the listed team members here, members of the original RSSOwl development team. This project is a further development of the original RSSOwl application which can be found at (http://www.rssowl.org). It has been developed during the Software Process Management course at the Free University of Bolzano/Bozen. RSSOwl is an RSS and Atom News reader / aggregator that is able to collect and display feeds from diff

couch2rdf - Export CouchDB's to RDF.

Export CouchDB's to RDF.

db2rdf - ScienceWISE - incremental RDF dump

ScienceWISE - incremental RDF dump

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